Yesterday marked the 250th blog post of this Tripped Out On Life's Textures blog.  There wasn't any fanfare involved with it, I just quietly penned yet another thought from my head to the screen.  What started out as a goal of writing 50 posts has led me to five times that many.  It has helped foster in me my love of realism and writing.  It mapped out visibly life's ability to serve up harsh, hard, hurtful and grief twinged pieces.  It though has also allowed me to see that those things can co-exist with deep things of joy, of comfort, of grace, of wonder and even silliness.  We had our new patio poured this morning.  It's this very cool curvy shape (don't like straight!) and was stamped and sprinkled with release powder.  That release powder and stamping created this dimension of depth - a not completely smooth surface.  It gave it depth, varying tones, and a richness.  I suppose that's really what I have written about for the past year - the things in life that give us depth, curves (smoother edges), tones and ultimately, richness.  I have written about ridiculous things with sass and humor.  Also, have I penned things from swirling thoughts, pieces of my heart, a deep hunger and from rich memories.  Someone asked me what the point is that I am trying to make in what I write?   What was my theme, what was I trying to say?  I thought about that and realized that there are lots of points in life.  Maybe my point is the wonder of life - all of it really.  Maybe my point is that there are so many things that make us who we are and that life is to be experienced, felt, remembered, commented on and held loosely.  Maybe my point has been in all that we live, experience, view, think, dream, hurt over, laugh about, all that we are relentless over - God is there in the mix - present, pursuing, feeding us morsels of Himself if we look.  I hope that is what you have seen, felt and had sit in your soul as you've read these posts for the past year.  Thank you for reading and if you like what you read, tell a friend.

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