What do these phrases mean?  

There is no way in hell.  And, all that and a bag of chips. 

I don’t know where they originated, who concocted those thoughts or why.  There may have been a legitimate circumstance that they both fit perfectly to.  I would be curious to know.  I say both statements with regularity.  Why, I don’t know!  Just yesterday I wondered exactly why I use them and tried to dismantle what they really mean.  There is no way in hell.  Does it mean because hell has a rap of nixing the ability to do anything other than experiencing misery, then there would be no way I could do such and such?  Or does it mean since hell is forever and doesn’t change, there is no way you would ever do such and such, ever - case closed, no discussion.  You have such an abhorment to whatever. that there is no way in hell (absolute and total) you would do it.  That if never could pass away you still wouldn’t?  Opinions welcomed.  Now, moving to a little bit lighter more carefree saying – all that and a bag of chips.  Why chips?  Why?  Is it saying you are 100% + 5% more?  That’s like saying you got 100% on the test and one extra credit question.  You got perfect on your test so what does the extra prove – your magnificence which was already proven in your perfect score!  Isn’t it really a slam to throw something as insignificant and cheap in the mix (chips) of something that wonderful.   I am thinking that whoever created that statement, off the cuff, off the top of their head, was a lover of all things salty.  Maybe my brother-in-law, who when first married to my sister kept a bag of chips on the floor by his side of the bed.  It could be that the saying means he/she is so great and full of goodness or self that there is barely any room left for anyone or anything else – thus the bag of chips comment.   I think I might have to change that saying to more accommodate and define who or what I think is all that.  Maybe for some a bag of chips is appropriate.  If it is said about me I would like it to read, Lynn is all that and a piece of pecan pie or a peanut m&m, or a quart of half and half, or better yet... Lynn is all that and a brussel sprout.

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  1. HAHAHA...his cholesterol doesn't allow him to do that anymore. Depending on your cultural upbringing, chips could be a luxury. :)