CHANGE AND AN ERECT PENIS what do they have in common?

Change, on any level, involves courage.

I liked what I read on the small picture hanging in the bathroom of the bed & breakfast I was at.  True, I thought to myself.  Very true of changes in life - changes specific to me and, those general to most of humanity.  Change is something that peaks my interest (just read how many posts I have written about it from various angles).  Change does to the human psyche and spirit what extreme movements of the barometric pressure do to our bodies - causes discomfort, stretching our limits, our boundaries.   Bear with me on this human reproductive system analogy:)  The average human erect penis is 6 inches, give or take a smidgen. (Discounting possibly the world of porn stars!)  Note the word average.  The average vagina is 4 inches in length/depth.  Do the math.  How does that work exactly?  Well, when stimulation occurs, a woman's body - her vagina in particular, stretches anywhere from 150% to 200%.  Now, without adequate stimulation, there is pain sometimes involved and the stretching can't occur fully.  Are you following the bouncing ball yet? :)  Here's the correlation...  When I look at change, whether it's deemed good, bad, or unknown and, I enter it without courage, without embracing change and understanding its place in life (whether I like it or not) it is a painful, hard, unpleasant place.  Yes, you're right some change - illness, death, financial ruin, relationship issues - are painful, unpleasant on their own.  But if I can eventually find a way to know that change (which is shifting, never staying exactly the same) by nature is constantly moving, even ever so slowly at times, then I can be helped to relax into it.  It's design is not to destroy us, but stretch us, change us when we need it, move us along the path in life that is designed as ours.  I loved the other frame that hung next to it too...

Hope, the thing that causes tomorrow to hold the promise of joy. 

It tags right onto the secret of accepting change doesn't it:)

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