I have a bag of grout in the basement, open and partially used.  It was here when I bought the house probably from the home improvement project of the people before me.  It is a 20 pound bag.  That is a lot of grout.  In fact so much grout that when recently we ripped the old floor out and installed new ceramic tile, we used that same bag.  There is still a huge unused portion.  Sitting at work today I could see outside the office window to the Steak and Ale Restaurant next door.  It long ago had closed its doors.  Weeds had taken up residence in the unmown lawn.  The windows were boarded up.  It is for sale.  No one is really rushing to buy commercial property presently.  It sits unused, vacant and not being used to its potential - a lively place to drink and eat - a restaurant.  I pictured the inside of my mind - my intellect, probably a bit overgrown, maybe not totally tapped.  Then I wondered about my abilities, my capabilities - was I using only a portion?  What about my potential?  Had I boarded up some windows, ruling things out because of too much effort, believing I couldn't or it wouldn't happen?  Was there this untapped minefield in my mind, my soul and my spirit? How do I activate it, use it, unleash it, maximize it?  I read that we use only about  1%-10% of our brain to its fullest capacity (I guess there is a range for a bell curve!).  Now that doesn't mean that the other 90% is just sitting there like a lump of clay.  We use all of our brain, just not all of it is maximized.  There is untapped potential, a greater capacity that waits there.  That led me to God.  I can only, with my finite 10% maximized brain, see and understand a portion of a limitless God.  I honestly cannot see everything God is.  What I do is try to compact Him into human definities, understandables, condense Him so I can understand and see.  That though still only shows me a portion of God. And sometimes it is not accurate.  In conversation with my eldest sister recently, I mentioned that there are things we cannot process with God. Things that are bigger than our minds can digest and file appropriately.  We view things so human, and well, God is not limited like we are.  We wash our way of thinking onto Him all the time - mostly unintentionally.  If I stop to see God as that bag of opened grout, that there is more to be used, more to understand, more to experience, then I don't limit Him.  If I need to have it all defined in my humanness, thinking I can know all, most or sometimes even some things about God - the author who created all things to know - then I limit His capacity, His power, His grace, His working in my life. The deepest part of the Pacific Ocean is at best guess 6.78 miles in depth.   I want to see past what I know or think I know.  There is more.

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