Do you recycle?  My mom does.  She is a fanatic about it too.  There are bins and bags and tubs and such lining the side of her garage sorting the various products that can be recycled.  Recycling for all you greenies out there is no doubt good for the environment - less waste, trash in a landfill, yada, yada, yada.  But, it is a huge money maker!  Yes Mr. & Mrs. Green Jeans, companies get you to give them something for FREE that they turn around and MAKE money on!!  Brilliant business plan on their part:)  It's this big circular machine - processing recycled products to reprocess them into something else to be recycled and then reprocessed.  It's a billion dollar industry.  I have been recycling some thoughts, and reprocessing some of the same inside battles again.   Life is circular too!  I have quit thinking that I have totally conquered an issue because it usually comes around again - maybe tweaked a tad differently. Instead, I view it as winning a small battle in the bigger war!! Like the card game, OLD MAID, there are only so many cards in the deck and they surface frequently!!   My husband and I this morning, while sitting on the front step before work drinking our morning coffee, watched a 2005 college commencement speech Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple who just resigned 8/2011) gave on his Ipad:)  It was a great speech with 3 main points (google it on YouTube and watch it - it's great).  One of the points was being who you are - fighting against dogma, what others want your life to be or you to be or how to act.  It brought a few tears to my eyes.  I spent a big chunk of my adult life right there - stuck in dogma land.  I felt my Love's gentle kiss as Steve Jobs talked on.  Doug knew what I was feeling and thinking.  Not living in dogma land after a lifetime there has caused some waves - both tidal and kiddie pool ones in my world.  Unfortunately they still want to rise up from time to time.   I never thought my life would be the focal point of some people's purposeful acts of harshness or lies or that people would so easily believe things that are not true.  Crawling around the ground yesterday afternoon landscaping around the new fence we put in, was great therapy to recycle those thoughts, emotions and reprocess them in light of yet another person's hurtful and wrong actions towards me over leaving dogma land.  The earth has always been healing to me, so I dug and shoveled, crawled, said some brash words alone out loud to get it out, talked to God about it and heard His voice once again calling me to reprocess all that garbage again and make it into grace.  Leaving dogma land has come with a bit of a price tag - freedom usually does.  I wouldn't change a thing though.  God has given me a handful of good friends, passionate/soul connecting love daily, a family I love deeply and constant reminders of what it is all about to process, recycle and reprocess my life into being who I was designed to be. 

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