Yesterday morning early I went for a run.  Sunday is one of my favorite times to run as the world seems unearthly quiet and still.  It was 6:30 a.m. and 58 degrees - a great running temp.  Most of the routes I run are pretty familiar to me since I run them over and over.  I see the same houses, the same cars in the driveway and depending on the day, the same people.  There is a comfort and a reassurance to me in seeing the same stuff daily.  I don't know why exactly.  For me, it's that this is my world, my life, my route.  These are the people who are part of my world - in my radius.  This morning I ran again, varying my route slightly in direction and length.  I saw the same weeds growing at the edge of the road, the same kids toys adorning the front yard of a not so stellar house, the perfectly manicured landscaping of another house.  I saw home improvement projects that need to be done, beautiful flowers, a motor home that seems to never move from someone's driveway.  I tugged at my shorts, pulling them down just above the crack to my butt - and I giggled inside on how I like to run with my shorts low - just more comfortable.  Did I look like a hoodlum of sorts?:)  I must get that from my grandmother who couldn't stand anything clothes-wise constricting her.  I looked at the Baptist Church as I ran through its parking lot en route to the street on the other side of it.  As I ran by it I heard old hymns in my head, thought about people gathering to focus on God and what the neighbors of that church think about living by a church.  I heard my breathing and wondered why I run in the form that I do - more dominate right footed and what that does to my right hip from time to time.  I consciously tried to even out my gait which only lasted as long as I consciously thought about it.  I prayed for my husband - thanking God for his presence in my life, the gift of him to me and asking God to supply what he needs for the demands of his job.  I prayed for my daughter and her husband - that they would love each other deeply, find contentment in life and with each other, that Hannah would be able to use her artistic gifts and degree to find some personal fulfillment.  There was that house again - the one with the weeds everywhere.  Why, I wondered, do they not seem to bother the home owner?  I love these newly black topped streets that were just resurfaced.  The blacktop was smooth and much softer than other streets, making running more enjoyable.  I wondered if people were sad that it was Monday.  Were they like me, not ready for the weekend to fade once again into Monday?  Look at the school - those poor kids!  Who wants to be in school on such a beautiful day?  Recess just isn't ever long enough this time of year.  You can go a little bit farther Lynn!  Pick up the pace even though you are running out of energy.  You can do this!!  Unless you are Forrest Gump, you will get to stop soon so give it a bit more speed and go just a bit further!!  Legs are amazing.  Mine are getting some of that middle aged crepey looking skin by my knees.  Ugh I hate that!   Someday I will be all crepey skin stretched over bones.  Now that sounds sexy doesn't it!  I wonder if Doug will still find me beautiful and sexy at 60 even though he says he will. I don't think my thyroid medicine is still quite right as I am cold and I could create a wig for a toddler with the amount pf hair that falls out daily!  Come on Lynn - you got another half a mile in you.  4 more blocks.  There is my driveway! 


  1. I don't think Doug will mind that "crepey" look, as long as it doesn't become the creepy look:)

  2. love your running chatter. i usually have a chatter going on in my head too. i leave out the running part.