Did you ever think about how many things in life are different from one another?  By that I mean, there are more things in life that are dissimilar than are probably similar.  If you are a "Sesame Street" junkie you remember the song, "One of these things just doesn't belong.  One of these things is not like the other.  One of these things just isn't the same...." (not a direct word for word quote, but from memory so not perfect).   God doesn't abide by that song at all.  He does completely the opposite of what that little ditty implies - that being different is not the norm.  Different is the norm for God.  Everything around you that He created is unique and different from anything else that He created.  For instance, each fruit is distinctively different from other fruit.  Each vegetable is distinctly different looking, tasting, in texture, maybe even the way in which it grows, from other vegetables.  Animals are categorically specific and detailed - different and distinct from other species in the animal world.  Look at insects - wow!  The creativeness of God is most definitely displayed there with such variances that are mind blowing.  That leads me to the human race.  We follow suite to God's great pattern - unconventional, variant, beautifully unique.  I am a speedster.  Just ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that I drive fast, eat fast, think fast, move fast, process fast and work fast.   So, I look at a project, a destination, a goal and think through the quickest most efficient way to accomplish it.  That's the route I take.  God doesn't approach anything that way at all.  He looked at creation with a limitless budget and no time constraints since He dictates time and said, "I am going to make a world and it will be distinct, unique, varied, and breathtaking to show my love of detail, beauty, and grandness."  And He did.  Thinking about that gift of creation is like thinking about gifts in your life that people have given you that mean the most.  Three of my favorite gifts came to mind.  One was from my daughter - a small leaf necklace she gave me for Mother's Day this year.  She thought through who I was, what I loved and matched it perfectly.  The second one was from my husband who listened to three random things I shared and presented them to me on my birthday this year - clean sheets daily, a cleaning lady and love.  The third, given me by my dad, was on the heels of a very, very long extended illness.  He gave me a retro orange wide tired bicycle with a big granny seat to accommodate the pain that I was in.  It urged and aided in my recovery.   What God made in the world, in humanity, in the distinctiveness of each creation, the attention to detail, to master craftsmanship tells of great love.  He isn't concerned about mass production - getting it done efficiently or quickly.  Try looking at different that way - as a beautiful stroke of God's brush.  It will make you feel loved and will allow you to give honor to all He created - including people different than you.

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