I have Yellow Nutsedge.  It sounds beautiful doesn't it - as though it's either a beautiful yellow hinged bird who sings a happy song or it's a perennial plant that casts its branches full of soft yellow blooms through July and August.  It is neither.  It though is a weed.  It is not yellow either, but rather a strange sort of greenish hue.  It looks like grass with individual blades but they are a different color, a coarser texture and grow a bit faster than regular grass.  The lawn gets treated with both fertilizer and weed killer by a landscaping company.  What I noticed recently is that the weed killer they use only kills certain weeds.  It hadn't touched my strange colored patches of coarse taller grass.  I called the company one day to find out if they could send someone out to find out what it was - this pale greenish grass, and why the weed killer they spray isn't killing certain weeds.  Home from work a few days later I find a note from the landscape company.  Yellow Nutsedge it is - not killed with their regular weed killer, but would need an application or two of a more powerful weed killer.  Of course, I thought, why have a weed killer that would kill all weeds.  What a great marketing and business growth plan:)  I also have in my yard a small raised bed garden.  The vegetable plants exceed its boundaries during peak growing season.  Mowing is a bit tricky for awhile.  Weed spraying must be too.  After the Yellow Nutsedge was sprayed in the yard I noticed my zucchini plants were dying.  Yellow Nutsedge is not good.  You don't want it in the yard - it will take over the good grass.  Zucchini is good, providing vegetables that make things like; zucchini bread or cake, stir fry and casseroles, an addition to salads, kabobs on the grill.  One I wanted to die, the other I wanted to flourish.  I marvelled thinking how God is a great landscape care taker of our hearts and souls.  He can flourish the good, and with precision, hone in on the Yellow Nutsedge in our hearts.  I bought this house from a lady in her mid nineties.  Her husband had died the previous year and it was just too much for her to take care of.  When I moved in the landscaping was askew, wild, untamed and messy.  I looked at all the plant life she had.  It had grown into each other.  The fast spreading things had taken over, inserting themselves in other plants or bushes.  I was so overwhelmed with the chaotic mess of good and bad plants that I eventually just ripped every plant out, not sparing anything, even the good.  Not God.  Though he makes us new in Him, He uses all things in us to do that - the good and bad.  He takes the pieces of me that need to be trimmed or weeded and makes them beautiful again.  He made me so He knows all the plant life, the wild vegetation in my heart and soul.  It doesn't scare Him or detract from the beauty that he knows is there mixed in with the weeds.  He patiently weeds and cultivates me uncovering the roses from the poison ivy vines.

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