I just got off Google search trying to figure out what kind of tree is in my back yard.  There was a mountain of tree information.  One site I found you could take quizzes on your recognition of a tree by looking at a leaf.  I took the test.  Oh I got the oak, maple, walnut and tulip ones right, but failed every other tree.  That site didn't help me identify my tree!  I wish google was like Sherwin Williams paint where you can take a color swatch in and they will match it.  I wanted to be able to hold up a leaf stalk and have Google identify it without me putting forth any effort.  I wished my paternal grandfather was still alive.  He would easily know what kind of tree it is and name it with no thought.  I miss his nature knowledge, like his saying about woolly worms in the late summer.  He said if you see light brown or yellowish colored fuzzy worms it signifies a mild winter ahead.  But if you see dark brown ones, then a harsh winter awaits.  I also don't know what certain acrostics stand for in articles.  The authors sometimes write them as though the entire reading audience is as abreast to what they are speaking about as the writer is.  Don't refer only once to the company or organization name and then use initials in the rest of the article.  Intermix them so if I get bored and speed read the article I can still follow it.  I also don't know what the green cloth draped over a cross signifies.  There is one at the United Methodist Church down the street from my house.  I mean I think I know what the purple cloth on Good Friday means.  And then, I also know what the white cloth represents on Easter.  But the green - I have no clue and I was in the pastorate for 25 years.   I will Google that too, right after I find out what tree stands in my back yard.   Today I got my water bill.  It showed that I owed $8,421.39.  Wow, that's a lot of water and sewer usage!!  How that happened, not entirely sure.  But I am neither a golf course or a public restroom for Wrigley Field.  I also have always wondered why we have to save tax returns for 7 years.  Why 7 years?  Why is that the magic number?  Why not 5 or 2 or 10?  Who made up a random number of 7 and why the odd number?  Also, why is citronella said to keep mosquitoes at bay?  Does it really work and if it does, what does that smell do to a mosquito?  Why do we have to have winter?  I mean couldn't God have made the laws of nature and the sun, moon and planets such that rotation didn't create warmth and coolness?  There is an old wives tale that says if you have a large gap between your teeth it means you are lucky in life.   If that is a truism, then I should park my ass at the blackjack table in Vegas or bet on the horse races!  Why do we still need daylight savings time?  Aren't there now less farmers then when that was put into effect?  If not wearing a heavy coat or hat or gloves during cold weather can help you catch a cold, then I would constantly have walking pneumonia. Now there is BPA free plastic containers touting their non-toxicness.  If BPA plastic is so bad for us, why is it even allowed to be sold?  And if we all know that teenagers have not fully grown into their brains yet, why do we let them drive?   

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