Daily it is pointed out to me how speed varies with people. Yes, on the road definitely. Driving to Iowa last weekend on I-80 clearly showed the fast and slow lane people. Even and including the ones who think they are fast and venture into the fast lane - much to my consternation! But, they are not really as fast as the REAL fast people. Sunday's sermon at the church we visited with family also reminded me we all have different and varied speeds of communicating. This pastor spoke with the speed of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood:) To a speedster such as I, it was painful, frustrating, and caused me to have a very hard time focusing on God. I wanted to literally kick the words out of his mouth. It's my curse of speed and all things fast - communication obviously not-withstanding. How about walkers in stores, malls, sidewalks, etc.? Now just because I prefer speed does not mean I am necessarily in a hurry. It's just my natural pace of most things - walking especially. If the mall is crowded and I am stuck in a flow of slow moving walkers meandering at negative one mile per hour, I struggle. But, if they are walking negative one mile per hour AND they are spread out side by side across all walking lanes, I fight down the desire to shove them to the right lane! I have found that speedsters are acutely aware of slowness around them. But, I am not convinced that slow walkers, talkers, thinkers (doesn't mean you are not smart or that I am better) are even remotely aware of the world of speedsters. Slowness seems to bring on a condition of obliviousness to others. Sometimes even a sort of self-righteousness, or a condemning air to those who prefer all things speedy.  Misunderstanding speed for impatience not pace choice. Some years ago, my then husband and I had a job offer on the big island of Hawaii. Hilo to be exact. We turned it down for a myriad of reasons.  I was struck with something while on the island that I knew flew directly in the face of my personality.  No one moves fast - there is no where to go and only a few roads to get there and they mostly run in circles.  Speed max on the highway around the island was 45 mph.  No doubt I would have contracted "island fever" of sorts coupled with "speed fever".  My neighbors commented to me last week, "Do you ever stop?"  Probably not for long I don't.  My mind and body go at an accelerated speed.  It's just my pace.

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