I watched Primetime Nightline last night about food addictions, both over and under eaters.  It clearly showed the power of addiction - those things in our lives that seek to take full control, to dictate our every move and, sometimes even destroy us.  Addictions that our humanity alone can't seem to stand down.  I thought about what makes certain things addictive and what makes certain people more prone to addictive behaviors than others.  There are so many variables in life; environment, genetics, circumstances, experiences, personality.  They may all play a role, a place in what makes us seek addictiveness - coffee, diet Coke, overeating, exercising, not eating, alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, etc.  Let's level the playing field.  We all have something.  Meaning, we all struggle with something or various things in our lives.  Just because you don't battle some sort of addictiveness does not mean you don't have a hot button, an issue.  Maybe you are overly vain, hold grudges, or wear polyester as though it is in style:)  As I watched the show I was struck by the words of an 18 year old young man who, at 5'9", weighed 400 pounds.  When the interviewer asked him what he assumed other people thought of him, he replied, "Lazy.  No good.  Monster.  With a big emphasis on lazy."  It made me think what our view, what my view is, of people with addictions.  Is lazy a word that comes to mind?  Pain and bondage were words that came to my mind.   I have to think that no one lays in bed dreaming of being addicted to anything, to having that something rule their thoughts, actions and possibly destroy their lives, relationships, health, or finances.  No one seeks that purposefully.  Why do we have addictions?  Distractions, hiding, satisfying extreme pleasure, the result of extreme pain, fear, sorrow, we only know bondage...  I have witnessed the power of addiction up close.  I have witnessed it in friends.  A friend of mine after having a great job, building a beautiful house, having two great kids, got hooked on cocaine.  It eventually cost him his marriage, his job, his health and ultimately his life early.  He didn't purposefully choose it, but once in the addiction could not get out.  There is crippling power in it.  I have little will power compared to addiction power even though I am relatively steely in resolve.  Which takes me to God and the song, "Anything you can do I can do better..."  originally penned by God:)  Now there is some power..

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