There are two kinds of people; those that believe in chiropractors, and those who think they are quacks.  My dad belongs to the second category.  My mom, the first.   I'm kind of a health nut, a self-proclaimed guru of sorts.  Not a full nut'n'berry kind of granola person, but close:)  Health, food, our body's systems-pathways are of great interest to me.  How all that plays together toward health, vitality, and ultimately maximizing feeling well daily is a bit of a passion of mine.  My maternal grandmother couldn't say a smathering of words quite right.  Chiropractor was one of them:)  It came out as, choirpractor.  In my young mind, I used to envision the literal combination of those two words; choir-a group that sings and practors-those who practice something.  Thus my head would see choirs practicing.  Not just choir practice, but they were perfecting their craft with perpetual practicing.  They had mastered the art of practicing as a choir.  I won't get into the technical belief behind chiropractic care.  But to suffice and summarize - our spinal cord houses all the nerves that feed every organ and system in our bodies.  Correlation being that if something is subluxated (out of alignment) as a vertebra and is even slightly askew, it will affect other systems in our bodies.  Do I believe it heals all things - NO!  But, I do believe it is a path to better health even with chronic health conditions.  I am case in point.  I managed a chiropractic office almost 15 years ago.  It was a great job and one that I was passionate about.  To see something you do greatly influence people's health, pain level, or ability to function is very, very rewarding.  I miss adjustments weekly that were free!!!!   Some people say they don't want to be "cracked".  Or, that chiropractors are "wanna be real doctors". Those comments come from not maybe totally understanding the role of chiropractic care - the adjunct it can be to our overall health. I once crawled around in the attic of a house I owned for the better part of half a day.  In that tight position, laying cock-eyed and jimmying around for hours, I wound up with muscle spasms so great it pulled my entire neck toward my left shoulder.  The pain so severe it came in waves - like labor - and caused me to pace the floor the entire night with not one wink of sleep or even the ability to lay down.  The next day, completely exhausted and crying in agony and pain, I went to the chiropractor.  With several adjustments I was restored to normal function.  I don't want to take pain pills to mask the symptom.  Ultimately my goal is to eliminate or reduce as much as possible the underlying problem.  I went to the chiropractor today, the second time this week, after a hip and neck issue.  My problems increased and got aggravated when I failed to stay on my normal chiropractic visit schedule - every 3 to 4 weeks.  Life got busy and I didn't carve out the time.  My body is paying for it!  I kind of felt like the guy in the story in the Bible when Jesus told him to be totally clean all he needed was to wash his hands.  The man replied, "Don't just wash my hands, Lord.  Wash all of me".  Please crack my neck, my vertebra, my hip, adjust my feet or any other body part that isn't 100%.   I want every avenue I can to be utilized to have as good of health as I can even with chronic illness.  So to all the choirpractors:) out there, hats off to your role in my health!!  My chiro usually hugs me and kisses my check.  Today, he actually adjusted me for free.  "....the knee bone's connected to the.... thigh bone....the thigh bone's connected to the... hip bone...the hip bone's connected to the tail bone....the tail bone's connected to the....spinal column:)" (paraphrased lyrics to the song: Dry Bones).

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