Last week was Fashion Week in New York City.  I am not a follower of it, but it was plastered all over the news - like it or not!  Pictures of models that appeared to need a hit of makeup, a hairstyle, and possibly a Krispy Kreme donut or two were photographed walking the runway.  Now, I don't claim to be a fashion icon (except to Big D who marvels at my finds at Goodwill!), and I live in Middle America - salt of the earth people, views and practicality.  But, who are they really debutting those styles for I ask?  I mean come on, who in this part of the country or maybe most places, is going to wear what appears to be silky brief underpants with a flowie shirt.  Really who?  I perused the styles for entertainment value.  Now I must say, if the designers are trying to be creative, they are.  If they are expressing the need to create wildly - using the right brained abilities they were given, I applaude their free thinking.  But, if the goal is to change what people wear this season to these outfits - it ain't happening on this girl, and no one that I personally know either!!  I have a creative bone in me too.  I get the need to let it loose.  I understand passion for expressing that creativity, how fulfilling it is, how freeing it is.  It was time for new running shoes yesterday.  My legs have been hurting like hell lately, sometimes a symptom of needing a new shoe.  My husband has been a marathon runner.  14 marathons to be exact.  I run to experience nature and stay fit, but don't run marathons.  I would deep down love to run a marathon, but some chronic physical restrictions would make that very difficult and a bit risky.  I don't believe I need every gizmo, gadget or special outfit to help me run.  I just need to run.  Doug has a well of knowledge and experience in distance running and running shoes.  Three things determine my buying of running shoes in this order; need for new ones, comfort/lightweightness, color.  He was with me in the Spring when I bought my last pair of running shoes.  I tried several pairs and brands on and ran a few laps in the running store deciding on a pair of Brooks stability shoes - very lightweight, grayish with some blue in color.  They've been great shoes in comfort and not obnoxious to the eye in color.  Yesterday Doug picked a few pair out for me to try.  I tried them all on - without socks as that is how I run:)  One rode too far up my ankle bone.  One was just not natural feeling.  I wanted to try a different shoe than I was currently running in to see if less arch support would help my leg issue.  As I looked at all the brands of shoes, the styles, the color schemes I saw a pattern.  Gaudiness.  Did those designers from Fashion Week in New York also come up  with the color patterns for running shoes??!! If you have followed this blog, or if you know me in person, you know that flash is not me.  I love tan, white, black, brown, gray.  Hate pink.  Don't do patterns.  And abhor shiny anything, including faucets, doorknobs, etc...:)  I saw really, barring one or two, no normal colors in shoes.  The combinations were bright orange, make you puke purple, too shiny red, and pink so pink it reminded me of my room at 10 years old!  This was what I had to choose from!!!  Ugh:(  I had to quickly remember my three criteria for runnings shoes; need, comfort, then looks.   Doug picked up an Asics black ultra lightweight shoe trimmed out and accented in a hot pink.  My first words were, "NO!".   But, after trying on several other pairs I didn't feel comfortable in, I succumbed to his recommendation.   I willed myself to look past the colors, the pinkness that defied all that I am.  I slipped them on my sockless foot and ran back and forth.  Damn it, they felt like a dream!  Ok, two out of my three criteria were now met.  The two most important ones!  Comfort is essential when you run.  Color, well it's more of an option:)  I felt like Muhammad Ali once said, "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee" in them despite their shocking hot pinkness!  It will just cause me to look ahead more and not down at my feet - ever!  I believe people all over the U.S. would prefer basic simple colors for running shoes.  I am not a gangsta, don't wear my pants below my underwear line (ok once in awhile they fall down a bit if I don't have a belt on but not purposefully!) or cock my ball cap a bit off center.  My demographic prefers neutral colors!


  1. as meatloaf would say... "two outta three ain't bad!"

  2. Bling Big N...that's the ticket...Big ass bling!!