I watched the movie, "Stand By Me" last night.  I think junior high kids are hysterical to begin with.  They are raw, in the moment and still caught between being a kid and growing up.  It is a magical place really despite the awkwardness of their bodies and puberty dawning.  The movie highlights junior high boy behavior.  Ah yes, it has some language - ok, a lot of language.  I laughed a lot and yet felt their pain, struggle, passing through time and living in the moment ways.  Boys love an adventure don't they.  Boys adventures are maybe a bit different than girls, but girls love an adventure too.  But boys LOVE LOVE LOVE adventure.  And, at the heart of all males - kid through last breath stage, is the hunger, the drive, the quest for an adventure.   They are most content when they can operate in adventureland.   It comes in all forms doesn't it.  To a kid sometimes it's risk taking, buddy building and bonding stuff that can encompass extreme sports, camp experiences, dares, cemeteries, school pranks, etc.  To an adult man, adventure can be had in many avenues - work, play, decisions in life, relationships with women.  They still hunger for it.  I truly believe that God just wired males with the genitalia that supports and implies toughness in our culture - balls!   Quit giggling at the use of the word balls - see you have some junior high in you too:)  My husband's dad is 85.  He has lived an interesting life somewhat full of adventuring - living different places in the US and several countries overseas.  That I think is how he lived out his quest for adventure.  I am finding out, and so is my husband, that at 85 years of age that isn't waning.  When he announced to us, post decision, that he had bought a trailer in Mission, Texas and was moving there from Iowa, we were a bit shocked.  I'm not sure there are alot of 85 year olds who are making moves across the country, changing their scenery by choice at that age.  As would anyone, we all fretted some.  The sons sat down with their dad to let him know they were concerned about this move and the gravity of it should death occur there.  They said their peace and then asked their dad if he just wanted one last great adventure?  His answer, "Yes!".  He left for Mission, Texas a couple of days ago.  My husband called his dad en route and left him a message...."Dad, this is Doug.  Just wanted to wish you well on your last great adventure.  Know that I love you."   Yesterday his dad left him a message, "Douglas, this is your dad.  All is well and we are having a great trip.  The adventure begins.  Give my love to Lynn and I love you."   In all regards I pray to be kept young in my spirit and mind.  And yes, I like Ray, love an adventure!

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