Nearing home today after a long weekend trip to Iowa, we stopped to get some groceries.  In our refrigerator when we left was; expired milk, water, a partial bottle of wine, one swig of orange juice, a single apple that was starting to get puckery skin from age, celery, lettuce, a sweet potato, carrots and condiments to your heart's content.  Oh yes, and some lard for making pie crusts (don't think about lard when eating pie, but how great a crust is from it!).  We made our way through the store picking up mostly fresh fruit and veggies, a loaf of bread, juice, bagels, turkey, toilet paper and some mint chip ice cream.  It was Labor Day mid afternoon and there were, surprisingly enough, lines in the checkout lanes.  We picked the one that appeared to have the shortest amount of people and those with the least amount of items in their carts.  As the cashier was scanning our items I stood waiting, not really paying attention as my husband stood ready to scan his debit card.  From behind me I heard a man say, "Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Susan Anton?"  I turned and looked trying to figure out who he was speaking to.  He had those kind of eyes that one appears to be looking one way while the other eye is going in the complete polar opposite direction.  I couldn't tell who he was looking at or speaking to.  Again he said, "Did anyone ever tell you that you like Susan Anton?  I mean, the shape of your face, your bone structure looks like her."  He was a tad loud as he kept repeating his words.  I looked around once again for who in the world he was talking to.  He started to say it again, "Your bone structure is like Susan Anton..."  Finally, dazed, confused and somewhat embarrassed at how many times he had said it and how loud he was, I asked, "Are you talking to me?".  "Yes," he said louder than I wanted as I felt like people were starting to stare!  I was caught off guard by his words - extremely self conscious as he was rather loud with his declaration of who I looked like.  "No," I said to him, "never."  Susan Anton has never ever been someone who I have been compared to.   I have gotten Kim Novack, Jodie Foster and Diane from the sitcom "Cheers".  Never have I thought any of those three were even remotely accurate in looks comparisons.  And, I have often laughed at people's boldness in saying  to me - like what this man had said in the grocery store.  Upon exiting the store, my husband and I googled pictures of Susan Anton.  In all the shots we perused there was not one that he nor I thought I resembled in the least.  To be honest, it made me highly uncomfortable and I did not like everyone turning to look at me to see if he was accurate in his comparison of me to Susan Anton.  Why people feel so comfortable saying things or approaching me, I will never totally figure out!    I told my husband that I don't resemble anything remotely close to Susan Anton any more than I look like Ed Asner from the "Mary Tyler Moore" show! 

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