I love to laugh.  Is there something past love?  I mean, if someone asked me what is something I love to do I would answer, "Laugh".  I love to make people laugh by saying witty and sarcastic things or by my sometimes irreverent way of approaching things.   My most favorite way to feel next to loved, is caught up in pure in-the-moment laughter.   I think I'm funny.  But maybe I'm like a bad "American Idol" contestant in the preliminary rounds who when asked if they are good says, "I am destined to be a star!  People love my voice."  It's those people who rarely measure up to their own standard:)  But really, I am funny.  My sisters think I am funny.  I would say my nieces do too.  Big D of course thinks every word out of my mouth is worthy of her emphysemic laughter.  She is very, very wise.  Random strangers have laughed at comments I have made while in line in stores, government offices or in the intimate apparel section of Kohls.  Clients have laughed at my banter and stated, "You are so funny!".   I love to make my husband laugh.  I mean I LOVE to make him laugh.  When I accomplish it, I feel pure delight.  My daughter is another story.  Deep down she knows I am hysterical.  But since we continue our family contest vying for the place of top honor as The Funniest Person In The Family, she cannot freely admit it.  But I see it in her eyes:)  She has broke down a time or two and admitted how funny I am stopping short of placing the humor crown on me.    Hannah, I hope when I am dead and gone and you eulogize me you will then admit that I made you laugh!  And please, make a notation on my headstone of me finally winning The Funniest Person In The Family award albeit posthumously.  I love looking at life in an honest, irreverent, sarcastic kind of way.  Life is funny.  Even yucky stuff has some bit of humor in it if we can separate ourselves from it.  My preference for movies is always comedies.  Life is serious enough in the flesh so I why would I want my pretend escape world of movies to be serious too!   When I die I really don't want people to spend time mourning in the traditional heavy hearted crying sort of way.  I want them to spend time remembering how I made them smile, brought them joy, delivered a unique way of looking at life, and gave them cause to just laugh.  My husband and I went to see comedian Brian Regan last night.  If you've never seen any of his comedy routines, go to YouTube and you will find plenty.  I laughed until I had tears in my eyes and my stomach muscles were burning (way better than the crunches I do!).   I truly believe God created laughter as a diversion.  Frequently I like to be diverted and I LOVE to divert others.  Just ask Hannah, she'll tell you how funny I am! 

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  1. C'mon Big know I'm the funniest! no really!