Medicine affects people radically differently.  For instance, some people can take a simple Benadryl and be knocked out.  It doesn't do that to me.  I had poison ivy for a solid 3 months one summer - the result of burning it :)  To quell the itch, the massive outbreak and in combination with an arsenal of cremes, sprays and harsh soaps, I took Benadryl.  And, I took it for 3 months - daily.  It didn't wipe me out.  Maybe just the opposite or at the least, a neutral body response to its drowsy side effect.  I looked on the box for the max you could take in a day and took it.  Really I was looking for directions for putting a horse down with it as that is the dose required to probably cause any effect on me.  During a very ill period of my life, with pain that was chronic and severe, my doctor, after blowing through nearly a whole class of drugs that didn't touch the pain, prescribed Oxycontin.  That's a powerful drug more than able to leave you feeling out of it a bit.  Not me.  At a very high dose it did not cut the pain or bring the desired side effect of sleepiness to at least help me momentarily forget the volume of pain I had daily.   Alcohol does a similar thing to me.  For some people, my middle sister in particular, alcohol consumption makes them relaxed, sleepy.  My sisters and I went away for a couple days last summer.  I took a good bottle of wine to share with them.  My sister had one glass and got so tired she had to go to bed!  Not me.  I can drink a martini and then look forward to a night of being wide awake.  It doesn't take the edge off, create a slowing of anything.  It does the complete opposite of that - I am wired, eyes wide open and raring to go!  My pain tolerance is extremely high and I surmise so is my tolerance to medicines both prescribed or recreational.  I weigh 114 pounds so you would likely imagine with a lower body weight less dosages would be required - that I would be affected by a very little dose of anything.  Not really.  When I had 3 hand surgeries I am fairly confident they had to use a horse tranquilizer mixed in with the anesthetic just to get me unconscious and stay that way for a time.  I woke up with a new love for the Kentucky Derby.

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