Let me premise this post by saying a disclaimer:  I have not been contacted by the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian or Green parties for consideration to have my name formally or hand written on the ballot for the next Presidential election.  And, if they did, I am ready with a list of reasons on why I cannot be President of the United States.  The reasons go something like this:

I can't explain totally my questionable conduct remarks from teachers while in school.

I am a realist.

I don't particularly like business skirts & jackets - it's not my style.

I love anonymity.

Privacy and alone time recharge my batteries.

Meetings without purpose or movement forward drive me crazy.

I would just as soon eat a pb sandwich with my husband than be at a State Dinner.

I don't like to wear a bra most days.

I like to get things done - whatever it takes, however that looks.

I quite enjoy driving a car.

I love to be most anywhere and not be recognized other than by the occasional friend.

I hate entourages and big to-do's made over me.

I love unbridled freedom of speech.

I want to trust people.

I don't want a small dog.

I don't look good in formal evening dresses - I don't have the proper jewelry and accessories.

I like privacy in the bedroom and freedom to be a bit loud.

I love running my miles completely alone.

I love Saturdays for coffee on the porch, some quiet time with my husband, not showering till afternoon, and taking a nap if desired.

I am not into power struggles nor am I heady with a love of power.

I hate when simple things are made complicated by too many hands in the sink.

I don't really like Christmas decorations and holidays craps.

I don't like cameras taking pictures of me or my reactions at varying events.

I don't want the entire world scrutinizing my wardrobe.

I like to shop at Goodwill.

I don't want to live in Washington, D.C.

I love interacting with normal, everyday, living the real life kind of people.

I get way too cold to be in a fancy dress standing in the harsh January wind and cold to be inaugurated. 

I love to ride my bike and go for nightly walks just my husband and I.

I love that my family can drop by whenever they want.

I don't have an affinity for historical furnishings.

I don't want to live in a house where the bedrooms have names.

I like to touch people while talking and that would probably offend many heads of State.

I don't want to age in warp speed in four years time.

I don't want to live where I work.


  1. "I don't want to live in a house where the bedrooms have names."

    This made me laugh out loud... I think I'm going to go home and name our bedrooms! :))

  2. Ahhh....Goodwill:):):)