Who says I don't want to eat a vanilla Tootsie Roll in July?  The chocolate ones are good, but since I am not a huge chocoholic, the vanilla are my favorite!  There is a contingency in the world who really do prefer vanilla over chocolate.  I get the fact that the white ones are reserved for Christmas (representing snow) and Easter (the resurrection of Christ ... ok maybe the tootsie roll makers aren't aware of the correlation of the color white to the resurrection of Jesus at Easter.  I suppose to use that in marketing might polarize their consumers!).  Who says that the flavor of coffee, Golden French Toast, can only be sold and therefore consumed between the months of November through February?  Personally I love french toast, the real thing, year around.  Maple and cinnamon are 365 day a year flavors if you ask me.  I get addicted to that coffee flavor for about 3 months a year and then crave it like a cocaine addict the other 9 months!  Why are marshmallow sugar coated shapes - peeps, bunnies, Christmas trees, santas, ghosts, pumpkins - only massed produced 3 times a year?   Ok wait!!  I do though suppose theoretically they have a shelf life of nearly half of infinity and beyond.  And, some persons I know purposely open the clear plastic wrapping to let them get good and stale before eating them.  That could take upwards of 3 months - long enough to get you to the next batch of holiday "peeps" which will be released!  Brach's candy corn is another seasonal tease which lasts for maybe 6-8 weeks and then is whisked away until the end of September the following year when the rationing begins anew.  Although, you can occasionally see a small bag of Brach's candy corn or some horrid off brand hanging in a drugstore candy aisle or Speedway gas station other times of the year.  Beware!  It is old and stale and brick hard.  The good stuff only appears once a year.  I love cranberries - fresh, not jellied so much or canned cranberry sauce. I stock up on packages of fresh cranberries in November to put in the freezer. I love turkey year around and my family loves my cherry cranberry salad. I also love cranberry bread! I realize cranberries are seasonal, but tomatoes are too except for those grown in greenhouses year around!  Why then can't I get a fresh cranberry in June??   Eggnog is yet another holiday temporary item. For some of you that is more than great news:). I grew up with my mom making eggnog in the blender.  She served it up raw eggs and all to us. That was before the "don't consume raw egg" scare of the the last decade!   I love that thick vanilla nutmeggie taste. Who says I don't hanker for it in April??  There is one thing that I am totally thrilled that only makes an appearance once a year.  Cheap, hollow chocolate bunnies and possibly fruitcake.  Since I'm not a big pop or soda drinker, I wish the makers of say Pepsi would only release regular Pepsi in June, July and August to commemorate the celebration (thus the bubbles in pop) of our country's independence.  I mean really who decides to withhold cranberries year round but give the public Pepsi every day of the year!

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