I am not a proponent of careless living.  Nor do I advocate the philosophy that we can do whatever we want-roll the dice and it'll all work out.  But, I am human.  I know that I haven't always chosen correctly in life.  That I answered the Jeopardy questions wrong.  Sometimes I defiantly and knowingly did wrong or harmful things, mostly to myself. I love the quote, "I am not this way by any other means but fire, and part of it arson."  Other times, the wrong choices or path I chose came from bondage, fear of living outside of dogma or the expectations of others, or just not understanding how to operate fully as myself.  I sometimes look back over the span of my life and smile.  Distance allows a fuller panoramic view doesn't it?  I can more clearly see reasons why I did certain things, why I didn't do other things, marvel at how I did what I did and see this path snaking through all my wrong turns, heartaches, disappointments, grief, longings, periods of waiting.  There is a verse in Romans 8:28 that says....

And we know that in all things God works
for the good of those who love him...

I have long since stopped trying to figure out God with my human reasoning.  I cannot fathom operating in a role such as Him; Author of all of creation and life, and yet yielding control of our lives to us.  In that mix of Creator of all is the power to control, but He does not.  Instead, He lays down that right even though best suited for it and allows us to learn, to experience, to come to know who we are created to be, to find our way to Him. In the business world that is like planting a seed but allowing ownership of the idea to be someone elses .  That principle normally causes a harmony and forward movement that wouldn't come if TOLD what to do.  God uses our choices, works them together for the purpose He had for us all along - goodness, richness, abundant living, fullness, grace and love.  It's as if God can take all the leftovers of our lives and create this incredible 5 star meal.  That is amazing!  God who created me, knows me from my raw DNA to the thoughts in my head, uses every scrap of my life - good and bad - to show only His goodness, His grace, His love, His redemptive power.  All the more reason I suppose I should trust Him.

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  1. Yes...I suppose...

    Try comprehending all this while working through the 12 step program