I find most people fascinating.  Really I do.  People are interesting - what they do, how they dress, why they use the word choices they do, what cars or houses they choose to live in, how they view or filter things in life, how they approach everyday common things.  Driving is one of the things I find interesting about people.  I'm sure if you asked most other drivers, they would say they find my driving interesting, or annoying:)  Today, sitting in the left lane at a red stop light behind the white pedestrian walk line, I waited for the light to turn green.  As I waited, the perpendicular direction had a green left arrow.  I watched as a woman turned left toward me.  She wasn't really accelerating excessively fast as she rounded the left turn.  It was done at a normal turning speed.  But as she did, she nearly clipped the front of my car as she made a sweeping left turn starting to cross the center line and pedestrian white line.  It was a sloppy turn by not staying on her side of the traffic line.  What though, was extremely humorous, is how she turned.  Now mind you, when a car makes a turn (unless a stunt driver) all 4 wheels stay on the pavement.  The vehicle does not tip, but merely rotates directions.  More importantly, it does this all on its own by us making the appropriate turn of the steering wheel.  The car does not need us to lean to the left when making a left hand turn to tip the car that direction.  It does not need us to lean our bodies to the right when making a right hand turn or turning into a passenger side parking spot.  Some people do though.  This woman was one of those lean into it drivers.  I don't know if she found it amusing to drive that way, feeling as if she were part of a real live video game.  I don't know if she did it reflexively without conscious thought.  I don't know if she really thought that somehow the G-forces of turning dictated it.  She not only leaned a little bit left as she swervingly crossed the lane lines, but by her body language one would have thought she was an Indy car driver becoming one with her vehicle.  It was so extreme, her leaning that is, that I laughed out loud all alone in the car.  I think she thought the turn totally depended on her lean:)  Really what her turn needed was better skill at maneuvering the lines!

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  1. There's really only 2 good drivers in the world, wait 3 cause my dau would say she is too, so you, me and my oldest. As someone put it last week, we're not aggressive, just efficient! peoplegetouttatheway!!!