My husband works for a newspaper.  So, obviously it is delivered to our front steps every day.  There are certain sections I read daily, and others that I never read.  I never, ever read the sports section.  I do though read the front page, peruse page 2 (always to see my husband's name listed on the outside edge of that page), read through the weather charts, classified job ads (I find them interesting markers for the economy), sometimes Ann Landers or Dr. Whoever his name is, business news, my horoscope for entertainment value which normally makes me laugh at its generalness, weddings/anniversaries and always the obituaries.  Recently I've realized that to read the obituaries when you aren't specifically looking for the obit of someone you cared for is well, rather old peopleish.  Probably is.  But I usually read all of them, every word of each of their lives.  I find that page moving.  This morning for instance, I read about a person who was 100 years old when they died.  I read about their life, who they were born to, who they loved, their children, what they had done occupation wise in life, their church affiliation, what took their life.  I looked at their pictures and wondered if they were loved?  Did they love greatly?  Did they leave behind a legacy, their soul mate, children who are now next in line for death?  I wondered how we go from young to old so quickly and what mark these people will leave with their absence?  All of those listed there today had a story, a purpose, a life full of experiences, sorrows, joys, heartaches, moments of delight.  All that we lived to the outside world is summed up in an obit.  I think that is a bit unfair and far too generalized.  We are far more than one column and 60-100 words can hold.   As I read the obituaries I usually ask God to be with those that are left to hold their loved one's now silent and vacant place.  Significance in life doesn't mean an obituary that is two columns long marked by degrees or accomplishments.  Significance is a God thing.  Because everyone on that obit page today was created and loved by God they had significance. 

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