I have a beautiful dresser.  It is very dark, a maple of some sort, with a chocolate finish.  Standing majestically on small legs the bottom is open to accommodate dust bunnies which frequently roll across my wood floors.  It has two drawers at the top (width of dresser), a deeper drawer centered beneath them with two cubbies with doors to either side of it, finished up with two drawers at the bottom exactly like those on top.  On the back edge of the top is a large mirror giving me ample opportunity to see my aging 45 year body naked as I fish underwear and various other clothes out of its drawers.  Sitting atop this dresser is my small necklace holder which houses 5-6 necklaces, a bracelet, holding in its base a button off my winter coat from last year (I'm a sewing slacker), and a pair of silver hoop earrings that I do not wear (I have pierced ears and own one pair of earrings which I do not wear).  A lamp sits at the far end of the dresser bookended on the opposite side by an easel and frame that a friend of mine gave me that reads, "A True Love Story Never Ends".  Next to it sits a small vase holding translucent flowers - a tchatchke (look it up!).  I don't have a summer and winter wardrobe.  What I own and wear in every season stays in the closet and in the drawers during their off peak wearing times.  There is though one drawer that I don't use in that dresser.  In fact, just recently I opened it curious to what I put in there.  I was wondering if it felt ignored as it never gets opened.  Here are its contents; 6 pair of black socks, two pair of brown, 5 pair of short running socklets, some pantyhose knee highs (unworn for years and years and years), one pair of full length pantyhose (in case age catches up to me fast and dresses with pantyhose become my way of life - never!), a handful of thin white t-shirts that can be worn to bed with pj shorts or bottoms, two white pj cami tops, two pair of long pj bottoms, one black sexy negligee, two pj sets which are actually quite nice, a pair of heel socks that my mom gave me to wear to bed after I have smeared cream on my rough heels (I have never worn them), and a knife my husband put there in the event an intruder enters the house in the middle of the night.  You might be thinking to yourself right now that you can't quite figure out why in the world I don't use that drawer, the contents within it.  It's simple; 1) I do not wear socks - not to run in, or even in the winter - barring rare occasions, 2) pantyhose are not worn by me now (too constrictive) nor will they ever even when I am 70 and my legs are full of purple veins snacking through my thin, opaque death white skin and, 3) pj's are there and only worn if we have company and I have to wear clothes to bed.  My top left drawer probably needs to be gone through, whittled down to what I use - NOTHING!


  1. I think you need to put a turtleneck in it to make me happy!

  2. Just curious...does one of the 5-6 necklaces happen to have a beeautiful butterfly on it??