Paradise is on the horizon for the political junkies out there over the next year leading up to the soon to be presidential election.  For others, it's an upcoming year of signs.  I mean quite literally signs, as in the political kind.  There is a fine line between marketing something, including yourself, just short of the annoyance and defeating the purpose line.  Advertisers do it all the time .  Sometimes they cross that effective to over saturated marketing pattern.  Kohls Department store is a great example.  In the demographic market I live in Kohls has A BIGGEST SALE, SUPER SALE, LARGEST SAVINGS OF YEAR SALE every week.  At least 3 times per week they have a flier in the local newspaper.  Their advertising, or bombardment as I like to say, has now crossed the line to somewhat ineffective.  If there is always a sale why would I need to read the flier 3 times a week?  And, if there is always a sale what do I ever have to look forward to?  And if there is always a sale are the goods really that high quality?  It's like making Christmas a daily holiday.  It would lose some of its allure, deep value, meaningfulness - making us all broke, very fat and strung out on sugar!   Over advertising, hawking your goods - or in the political context-yourself, smacks to me a bit of a travelling ball bearing salesman.  A little bit is good.  A lot is presumptious.   Don't say the word "CHANGE" either.  No one can own or campaign on the concept that things need to, will, or even shouldn't change.  Change is a life concept!!   Get in line politicians - change occurs whether you intend it to or not much of the time!  There is a mayoral race in my town this fall, along with various other positions like city council.  Coming back from a run yesterday morning I giggled at the signs adorning my neighborhood.  In fact last week someone from the current mayor's team canvassed my door with some pamphlets informing me about why I should vote for him.  It didn't make me want to put a sign up (they are a pain to move to mow).  My elderly neighbor lady had two political signs in her yard until this evening.  Someone stopped in front of her house, got out and placed another candidate's sign there too.  I wondered if she had ok'd that sign or if that corner, with other signs already there, was just a great place for BEAN FOR COUNCIL to place a sign.  I don't know what you do as a political candidate that isn't seriously overdone.  What methods you must resort to that aren't already on the menu - speaking/campaigning/fundraising/media exposure/call center banks and SIGNS!  I am dreading a year of them to be honest.  My husband did wonder today if he ran for an office what would his catch be.  I don't know, but when he figures it out it will go on a sign.  He's got plenty of time to come up with a catch, a slogan, a remembrance.  Probably forever! 

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