I do lots of things in a day.  My husband says I go constantly with movement, both physically and especially mentally .  Some days are busier than others.  And, there are stretches where time is at a premium due to projects, extra demands at work, care giving, a temporary increase in obligations.  Write down everything you do in a day, everything you think about, pray about, talk about, everywhere you were, count the people you might have come in contact with.  Write down both tasks-tangibles and intangibles-thinking, feeling, praying.   I have a relatively small world.  My personal world consists of me and my spouse, family, friends, church, work, a house, a couple cars and all things that are connected to them through issues, choices, reactions, responsibilities, joys, sorrows, frustrations, which can involve health, aging, maintenance, relationship building and money.  That is just a broad stroke of my small world.  All these little tentacles go out from me creating a wider circle. Once in awhile if I look down the road too far and don't see a finish, I get overwhelmed.   I wondered today what God did today.  What would be on his list of things He did, worked on, accomplished, orchestrated, felt, said, experienced?  He doesn't have just his own little small world that basically involves himself because His family IS the whole world.  The tentacles that reach out from Him are ginormous.  He lights the world daily with the sun orchestrating the rotation of the earth precisely to create warmth, coolness, light, seasons.  Nightly His creation formula sets the sun and creates the ignition of the night sky life.  Everyday He oversees the created world of animals and plants.  Daily God keeps in motion the laws of the natural world - of oxygen and gravity - sustaining the perfect conditions for life to flourish.  If that isn't enough, He knows the number of hairs on my head, your head, everyone's head.  He hears our thoughts, our hurts, our words even if not spoken out loud.  He lives to love us and all the things that are part of our lives, our minds, our souls, our spirits, our bodies - our small individual worlds.  Multiply that by the almost 7 billion people on the face of the earth.  The Bible says that to God "a day is like a thousand years".  I think that partly means His timetable is not marked like ours - with a direct start and precise stop.  Time just is with Him.  Unmeasured, boundless.  Time matters so much less when you are not about tasks but about relationships.  I think when you create something - time, humans, nature - you know it like the back of your hand.  It is familiar, a part of you.  It's not work then but a fluid extension of yourself.  That's God - and all He did today.

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  1. Love this Big N...and not just cause you said "issues." ;D