Should a foodish item come in an aerosol can?  Can anything that can be altered enough to be packaged, presented through a metal can and out a plastic nozzle that dispenses when pushed on be good for you?  As a child it was a thing of wonder.  Cheez Whizz in a can and whipped topping that could be sprayed directly in your mouth.  My mom never bought either of those products though.  Occasionally I would partale of them at slumber parties or friend's houses.   Side note; I never had Kraft boxed macaroni and cheese until I was 5 years old at a friend's house after kindergarten.  Literally it was the first time I knew there was such a thing.  My tastes improved with age.  My Grandma June rarely used Non-Dairy whipped topping like Cool Whip or any off brand variation.  My fondest taste bud memories, and the reason I love genuine heavy whipping cream, is because of her.  She would pour a pint of cold whipping cream in a glass bowl and beat it on high while gradually adding sugar until it changed from liquid to real whipped cream.  Nothing tasted better on her nut torte, pumpkin pie or on bowls of jello than real whipped cream.  I only ever use real whipping cream for anything calling for Cool Whip.  Pure ingredients; real whipping cream and sugar period.  Nothing named polydextrose, hydrogenated vegetable oil or something or other casenate. Food that spoils or breaks down is a good thing folks!   I hate to admit this.  This week I was out of half and half for my coffee.  In my refrigerator, awaiting thanksgiving pumpkin pie, was a pint of heavy whipping cream ready to be whipped in to whipped cream on Thanksgiving day.  I used some in my coffee.  It's thick rich creaminess left half and half in the dust.  I poured some in my cup, mixing it with a bit with 2% milk to lessen the guilt and fat.  May I recommend real whipping cream as the only whipped cream you use.  On pie or even in your coffee:)  

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