Operas are stories set to music with some acting and over exaggerated emotional vocal expressions.  They use a musical score which includes vocal music.  It's fairly easy to tell a story with words even if you aren't the greatest wordsmith.  If the words of an opera don't paint a big enough picture there is the vocal interpretation of them laced with the appropriately emphasized emotion to showcase the words.  Purely instrumental only music has both an advantage and a disadvantage over music with lyrics.  It can, without the support of any other means, take you on a mental and emotional journey purely by hearing notes or combinations or swells or discords.  It cannot though overcome mediocrity by creating a diversion within it.  There is no lyrics, no real visual, no one person standing and singing distracting us by their appearance.  When it is grand I can think of little that is as powerful as orchestration.  My mind is a bit like a big screen inside.  Orchestration, symphonies, instrumental only music allows interpretation by me both mentally and emotionally. I get to be part of the music in its exegesis - feeling inside how it is received, felt, and translated to my ears, my mind, my emotions, my spirit.   I love orchestra music.  Scores that move and speak without a word.  To me there is nothing quite like a string section or the amazing layering of sounds.  A lot of music in general can speak to me, can create thoughts and emotions.  But, I am brought to a halt inside by an orchestra, by a symphony, by the power of a string section in a piece of music.  Isn't it funny how our minds and emotions are connected?   How do I know (mind) what emotion (spirit) to experience when I hear a certain sound?  If I hear with my ears the sound of a door opening when I am in bed at night I experience fear.  Who is there?  Is there someone in the house?  The same is true of music.  When I hear the orchestration of "Freedom" or "The Giving" I can feel my spirit open up, my heart let loose.  I can experience emotions of breaking free and walking forward.  God is the maker and creator of all things good.  Music is one of them.  God must have known that we needed another medium other than speech, touch, sight, and taste to experience and feel.  He created hearing.  Those senses give us the ability to manifest emotions.  Music is heard and felt.

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