I let my haters be my motivators.  What a great quote!  I heard it on a movie trailer last night. It was some sort of movie about a babysitter which appeared to be very unremarkable and devoid of a premise that would hold most people's attention.  To be honest, I can't even recall the title of the movie!  What I did though glean from this very forgettable movie trailer was the quote.  I let my haters be my motivators.  It was spoken by the lead girl character who was the cause of much angst to her babysitter.  I would suppose she was referring to those around her who couldn't stand her overly self indulgent ways.  I thought about that quote all day today.  I just let the words soak into me.  I am not a very competitive person.  Just ask my high school tennis team captain, Joann.  I can still hear her words screaming at me, "Cherry!  This isn't a social club!!  Move it!".  Competing against others never motivated me.  Still doesn't.  My motivation, my drive comes from what I am passionate about, the satisfaction I get from something, how driven I am to get or be.  My haters are varied; time stealers, people who ceiling me or assume things not true, fear of aging and/or illness, fear of not achieving goals in certain areas of my life, urgent trumping important too many days in a row, being paralyzed in the journey to get where I want to be, doubting my own abilities, falling short of grace.  How can those things I hate or impinge me, motivate me towards the good, the goal, the belief in faith, the work it takes to be different or to keep on the path towards what I know will come to be?   Hating takes a lot of energy.  In fact it takes so much energy that it doesn't always leave room for the good.  I want to take those things, including those few persons that I feel some measure of dislike for, and not park my bus there.  I don't want to be immobilized by other's hatred (loose word) toward me, my own hatred for others, fears, lack, or the bigness of the task before me.  Catch and release.  That's what some fishermen adhere to.  Maybe that's the key to letting my haters be my motivators.

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