The human race is diverse.  Nothing is duplicated in total exactness.  Nothing.   Further out than the human race, the universe is diverse, varied and not symmetrical.  Nothing in the universe, in creation is duplicated in total exactness.  It is said that no two snowflakes are identical.  Their variations are due to things beyond really my scope of understanding; a cocktail of hydrogen, oxygen, spinning electrons and an ever changing amount of water molecules.  I like the not uniform way of the universe. The God of the universe is a master artist.  God's works, His paintings, His creations are one of kinds not prints.  I love that!  It makes me feel deeply loved by God.  That allows me to operate as me.  I don't like cookie cutter houses, furnishings or clothes from department or box stores.  I love things with texture and variations, slight hue differences.  I have four lamps in my living room.  Four lamps - one floor and three table top lamps.  The floor lamp is pewter with carvings in it.  It is heavy and its presence shouts richness.  Sitting on the end table next to the sofa is a  tall ceramic lamp variegated in color with creams and tans.  Atop it is a coarse linen lamp shade.  Perched on the three ladder bookshelves is another lamp that I sprayed with textured brown paint.  Its lamp shade is a linen color with a bit of brown around the edge.  And lastly, a small light creamish lamp sits on my small entry table paired with a square topaz colored weaved lampshade.  None of them match each other.  But, they all bring out something magical in this room.  My daughter has a dining room table.  The table is stained a dark color and the chairs are painted different and varying colors.  Sounds strange, but the disorderly color matching, the lack of uniformity creates this beautiful display.  Beauty is so varied.  I can see a sunset, like the one a couple of nights ago with pink, purple and gray streaks reaching toward heaven as the dusk faded to black and say it's breathtaking.  I can also see a stark gray November sky and say it is beautiful as well.  Differences, incongruity, variations, dissimiliarness, non-exactness show us the creator not just the created.  I was looking at a dish in a resale shop recently.  I loved the dish and at first thought about if it would fit with other dishes I had.  It didn't if I went with uniformity.  Uniformity is not the way of the universe.  It's not the way of God.  I bought the dish.

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