I am not a huge fan of Ted Nugent the rock musician.  Though I did once see him in the hall of the Merrillville Holiday Star Theatre Conference Center years ago when I was there for a conference and Terrible Ted was performing a concert there as well.  The man might be more brilliant than anyone might give him credit for.  Something rises up (it could be a bit of jealousy) in me as I tell you he has written several books, including one that made it to the New York Times bestseller list!  I think his voice is mediocre, doesn't match his face or demeanor or the way in which he lives his life.  His guitar playing out performs his voice by far.  He actually owns a ranch/game preserve just outside of Jackson, Michigan. Terrible Ted Nugent had his own reality show in 2003 called, "Surviving Nugent".  It was interesting to say the least. Far from the rock star stereotype, Nugent has always advocated an alcohol and drug free life - a part of his strict religious upbringing.   He is a purist with food also believing in a healthy way of life.  A strong hunting advocate, he eats what he raises and kills on his ranch including deer, etc.  Possibly Ted is onto something.  I too think our food system is tainted.  That we ingest far too many chemicals, chemically altered foods, antibiotic enriched foods - seed and food designed for larger yields and faster time from seed to harvest to our tables.  For being one of the greatest nations in the world, we have one of the worst standards governing allowable food growing and production processes in the world.  I am convinced that a large portion of our health issues have to do with what we ingest.  Even the healthiest foods and grains included have been affected by pesticides and chemical engineering.  Thanksgiving is coming soon.  We are having out of town family here at our house.  My husband and I were talking about what to serve on Thanksgiving and post Turkey Day.  When I was growing up my parents raised chickens and turkeys.  Just like eating a potato dug fresh from the garden is so much better than a potato bought in the grocery store.  So does a turkey taste different and so much better freshly butchered as opposed to the Butterballs frozen lining the stores.  I ordered a fresh turkey, a 25-30 pounder, from a local farmer who raises turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese.  Fresh means it is killed and dressed the day before I pick up it up and two days before I bake it in the oven.  Read the label on most chicken packages; No added hormones or antibiotics added.  Do you know what that really means?  It just means that even the though the chickens are fed feed doused in both antibiotics and hormones, once killed and packaged no more are added:)  This whole arena of food is one of the areas that I could possibly become a tree hugger over.  When I buy bread or anything, I look for the ingredient list that has the least amount of ingredients and of which I can pronounce, understanding what they are.  Ice cream included.

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