When I started this blog over a year ago I let out of my mind many of the things I think about daily.  There is not a day that goes by I don't think a "who does that, "I can't figure that out", or "why in the world is that like that" about most everything. Something usually reminds of something that leads me to a train of thought about something connected to the first something.  Sometimes those things are deep heart things.  But many times, like the post on who uses a washcloth, they are colloquialisms that others feel and think but don't always say.  I have loved Andy Rooney, CBS 60 Minutes Verbal Letter To The Editor Correspondent, all my life.  Long before 60 Minutes he wrote and produced.  Some years back I read his memoir - snippets of his life, pieces of his stint as a WWII war correspondent.  It was a great read.  Not that I agreed with his political leanings always, or his take on everyday things all the time, nor did I like his annoying voice, or remotely admired his total disregard for personal eyebrow trimming hygiene.  But, there was something about the things that he said that were akin to things that I thought, that I think.  A cultural poet of sorts, Andy penned and ultimately spoke what we just couldn't quite articulate, didn't take the time to form into words or passed over too quickly daily.  He spoke the know in our heads into tangible words.  Quirky in the dictionary probably now shows a picture of Andy Rooney beside it, drawn in pencil caricature form next to the noun meaning of the word.  In the beginning weeks of this blog in 2010 I shared that I wanted Andy Rooney's job.  I made no bones about it.  I told CBS, in my obscure mostly unread blog, that I wanted his job and would be great at it.  I am a lot of things, probably quirky to some degree as well, but curmudgeonly I really am not.  Andy seemed unkempt.  Possibly a messy of sorts both externally and internally.  Maybe that is from free thinking, being creative.  Even if I didn't side with his thoughts, I applauded him for just being who he was in this unashamed-defiant-at-times way.  There are iconic people in our world that when they pass their absenteeism is felt.  An era comes to a screeching end.   Erma Bombeck, Johnny Carson, Walter Cronkite, Ronald Reagan.  Andy Rooney, January 14, 1919 – November 4, 2011.  CBS still hasn't called me.


  1. Well you know, the sqeaky wheel still gets the grease.....keep writing my friend!!!!!

  2. What are you willing to "let go." For Andy it was his
    need that one "thing" that people
    will remember. When you figure it out send a pic and sample of your writing(s) to them and I am confident you will be famous...that
    is if the camera can find you. I know!!! It could be your 4 lane hwy!! You are welcome!