I have a hard time understanding things that just aren't part of my make-up.  We all do really.  I have a hard time being tolerant of people who don't share, participate, or even acknowledge there are some basic human behavior rules in life.  Who not only don't share them, but are totally unaware that there are some overriding human conduct principles that should be acquiesced to by all of humanity.  I think we all struggle with those people. Except, I suspect those that are unaware that they are unaware.   I run at one speed - mostly open throttle.  That is, until I literally run clean out of gas.  At which juncture, I merely crash to refuel and start the pace all over again.   Because I am fast, I can get easily annoyed, even down right disturbed with those that can't seem to get out of 1st gear.  Let me preface my thoughts with this; fast people too can be unaware of these basic human conduct principles.  It's not just slow people.  But, at least fast people, even if they do not acknowledge and/or participate in these basic human behavior guidelines, annoy me for less amounts of time due to their speed.  That being said, I ran to the grocery store yesterday morning.  I needed a couple of things to finish some brunch items I was preparing for a Christmas we were having later in the day.   Having less than 10 items I joined the 10 Items or Less Line right behind an older woman who was paying for her small order.  The basket I was holding with my groceries in it became increasingly heavy as she would not move forward to finish her now run up transaction.  She proceeded to count out the exact change one coin at a time.  The cashier looked helplessly at me aware that my arm was breaking off.  One by one she handed the cashier the coins.  The end of it in sight, I mustered a few more flexes of my muscles to hold on.  She still would not take a step forward to give me room to set my basket on the now completely empty grocery belt.  Taking the receipt from the clerk, she stayed in that same spot to organize her billfold with the addition of this receipt.  A line of about 4 people had grown behind me.  They too I could tell were puzzled at her slowness.  At her unawareness of those behind her.  At her inconsiderate self-absorbed way of getting through a grocery line while by-passing the basic rules of human behavior.  Which number one is; when in a store in a line for checkout and your items are all placed on the belt, please move forward so the next person may unload their cart or hands!   She left the lane with her small bag of items, her change neatly placed in her billfold and her purse perfectly organized.  She also left the cashier frustrated, my arms aching and everyone annoyed of her total disregard for basic grocery store human behavior guidelines.   Being aware of those around us means we are conscious of someone other than us.  That is the biggest basic human behavior guideline of all.  Be aware of your surroundings, others and cognizant that when your items are fully loaded on the grocery store belt you must move forward!!!  

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