DON'T WEAR WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY, or shorts from November 1st-April 1st!

Big guys and shorts.  There is a phenomena I just can't quite get.  I live in the Midwest.  It gets cold here.  And, it snows.  I am cold a lot in the winter.  Sometimes though I am cold in the summer too.  If I complain about being cold to certain people I get a response of, "Well, if you had body fat you would be warmer."  I suppose in the world of thermogenics (is that a real thing or word!), there is a smidgen of truth to that.  But I know women who are meaty and cold too.  Though I'm not sure I have ever met a man who is cold all the time. That is, at least temperature-wise!!  Maybe there is something genetically engineered into male and female bodies differently when it comes to internal core body temperature.  Out my back window I can see the street behind me.  There is a very large man that lives there.  Large is a broad term, so let me define it a little tighter for you.  He is huge.  He moves rather slowly due to the enormity of his weight.  His shirts look like small pup tents.  That is not a ridicule of his weight, but an observation of my size=body temperature theory.  I have seen him outside in the winter months, in 30 degree or less weather, in shorts.  Shorts I tell you!  Now for a girl who literally parks her ass in front of an open oven door or huddles like a hobo in front of a space heater, it is quite unsettling to see.  We got 4-5" of snow earlier this week.  After putting on my running pants, a sweat shirt, a light weight coat, hat, gloves and boots, I stood in the kitchen finishing my cup of coffee.  There was shorts man.  He had on only a t-shirt and jeans as he very slowly pushed snow with his shovel like it was a plow blade on a pick-up truck.  I've known a few men who were similar.  No matter the season they continued to wear shorts and short sleeved polo shirts.  Those men though, had calves the size of small tree trunks.  When I was pregnant 25 years ago I got overly warm.  It is a side effect of pregnancy and menopause.  I also weighed 35 pounds more than I do today when pregnant.  That no doubt contributed to my increased body temperature.  I'm sure the man who wears shorts on the street behind me is just more comfortable with less clothes on.  The other day, as I was searching for a parking spot at a store, I noted a very large woman walking in from the parking lot.  She had on a sleeveless shirt.  It is January in the snow belt!  There was a woman in my church growing up whom I never saw wear anything other than sleeveless shirts.  Year-a-round!  I am not here to pass judgment on body types or body core temperature differences.  I am saying that even though they might need to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts regardless of the weather conditions, they should not.  I really don't want to see arms of cottage cheese or legs the size of tree trunks especially in snowy months.  I'm quite confident that a person wearing shorts or a sleevless shirt in the middle of winter really isn't concerned about how they look.  They are going for personal comfort, not the visual comfort level of others. Just like the eye full I got in spinning class last night from the wife beater short short wearing beer bellied guy in the front row.  Those shorts were banned by the NBA about 1985.


  1. Like I aways say tan fat is better than white fat... hence no sleeveless shirts in winter!

  2. Better to be cold than hot...there's only so many clothes you can shed when hot, but you can layer sweaters.