I am not a celebrity stalker.  I don't subscribe to any of the tabloids.  The only time I read them is when forced to while idly waiting in line at the grocery store.  Do you know how entertaining it is to guess which celebrity's best or worst bathing suit ass is attached to whom?  I don't want to look at my own ass in a bathing suit, let alone have humanity scrutinizing my stuff while checking out their bread, milk, cereal, box of wine, tampons, and some turkey bologna.  I heard yesterday via THE DAILY (an on-line news publication) that Heather Locklear was released from a Los Angeles hospital where she had been in intensive care for an undisclosed condition.  WOW!  I don't need to know that.  Does she really want people to know of something so private and personal?  I hope not, but possibly if she is narcissistic, then yes!  When I am sick, please leave me alone.  I operate in sickness like a dog who has been hit by a car and had its leg broken.  Let me crawl away and leave me be until I feel better!  I can hear the thoughts streaming from your minds right now.  They are celebrities.  They signed on for a life of transparency.  They are used to it.  Some might even feed off it.  You are right to some degree.  I choose to have a normal existence and yet I haven't chosen it.  Meaning, by what I do in life I am just a number, a part of the surroundings.  What I didn't choose is to not be noticed.  It just so happened that there is no conceivable reason why I would be thrust into the limelight, garner public attention or have paparazzi following me because of what I do for a living.  The Golden Globe Awards were a few days ago.  I didn't follow the hype leading up to it.  I rarely go to the movies when a movie is first released (barring NACHO LIBRE when I went on opening release day).  Post-Globe coverage seems to ruling the Internet newspapers.  A headline this morning showed a picture of Elton John, cut and pasted, standing next to Madonna.  She won the category for most original song in a motion picture (that's what I read anyway) for W.E. (a movie I believe she is making).  Elton is pissed off that her talent won over his self-proclaimed more talented song writing ability (his song was written for GNOMEO & JULIET).  The article followed Elton's rants and public statements over his disdain for other artists through the years.  I found myself laughing at his ego which appeared to be the size of Texas and the whole Gulf of Mexico.  Get over yourself Elton!  How is it that we need such accolades in such huge amounts to be validated?  I feel sorry for those in that given field - acting and music.  Those are the creative arts.  People who have those gifts can also have the tendency to be emotionally driven, to feel deeply.  Combine that with an industry and platform that perpetuates touting your talent to get to the forefront, is it any wonder we see ego-maniacs such as Elton John, Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, and a wagon load of others.  It also speaks to the reasons any of us do what we love to do; for the satisfaction it brings internally to be operating, finding personal purpose and fulfillment in being ourselves.  Or, for the attention and strokes we might get from others.  Unfortunately the face of Hollywood is those that yell dysfunction from a mile away and live it out publicly.  Get over yourself!!  We have to see and hear more of this crap and ego tripping amped up to toxic levels until the Academy Awards air on February 26, 2012.  I'm not sure what's really wrong with our society needs to be hung totally on the state of the family unit.  I think Hollywood, The Arts, and Professional Sports players should share the blame!  When egos rule there is no place for others.

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