If you have ever watched the show "Extreme Home Makeover", you recognize the title of this post as the host's (Ty Pennington) catch phrase. At the reveal portion of the show, a large bus is parked in front of the totally remodeled house. The family waits to see their now redone house. MOVE THAT BUS is yelled by Ty and the bus drives away to show a clear shot of the homeowner's new digs. That's what ChampagneandRaisins is. It's a makeover of a blog that I have written for a year and half under the name trippedoutonlifestextures. When I first started penning my thoughts in the summer of 2010, I used a pseudo name, Lynn Cherry. I just didn't know if I wanted everyone to know it was Nancy Lynn Weldy Lambdin Weldy McAvoy writing these thoughts. Lynn is my middle name and I always hated the name Nancy growing up. My sisters and I came up with the pen name of Lynn Cherry, settling on it after a boatload of stupid, ridiculous and cheesy name ideas. I began writing this blog as I was going through a divorce after 25 years of marriage and being a pastor's wife. I could finally let loose of what I had to keep in for most of my life. My self extreme makeover has involved several reveals. This new blog title and reveal of writing under my real name is one of those MOVE THAT BUS makeover moments. It's taken me a lifetime to realize that I am no longer willing to be less than fully who I am to fit into who other people think I need to be. That includes my views on God, relationships, breasts, using a washcloth, grief, music, passion, pain, love and The Church. The title Champagne And Raisins stems from an earlier blog post.  Life is both grand at times, and sometimes horrifically yucky.  Thus, my analogy of champagne and raisins.  I love champagne.  It’s light and bubbly and sweet and sparkling.  I hate raisins.  They are a dried up, weird tasting version of their predecessor, the grape. When you read archived posts you will frequently find me referencing myself as “Lynn” or “The Cherry Family”.  You will also find that raisins and champagne abide together, pain and pleasure co-exist, reverence and irreverence converge constantly.  Leave me a comment.  Sign up as a follower of this blog.  Tell your friends.  Find words to your own thoughts, permission for your own irreverence and freedom to think a bit outside the box sometimes. 

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