Most of us use Google or Bing as a sort of Internet concierge.  Some sort of search engine to navigate us to the answers to our questions via the Internet.  I write titles to these blog posts daily.  Some are highly creative.  Some titles come directly from the blog post itself. A few just suck.  Others are meant to pique interest or shock a bit.  One particular post I wrote was entitled, "Cleavage Wars" from December 15, 2011.  I track page views (don't worry I can't tell who you are just that someone is there reading!) by numbers and by popularity of posts.  Recently I have been a bit baffled as to why the post "Cleavage Wars" was receiving so many page views.  After a bit of research I was able to find the google search page that page view request came from.  There was my blog post about 4 or 5 down in the search results.  All the other search results for "Cleavage Wars" garnered porn sites.  Which, it appeared, had a great deal to do with large and probably most definitely surgically enhanced breasts.  Ah, now I understood.  Men (or women who that's their bag!) setting out on a porn fix clicked on my blog post title that had appeared in their hunt for breasts.  How disappointed they must have been when upon arriving at CHAMPAGNE AND RAISINS and thinking they would be privy to an eye full of mounds of saline plumped breasts, found only words on a page.  My blog post probably didn't give them the satisfaction they were no doubt en route to:)  I do think my soon to be Pulitzer Prize winning post of "Cleavage Wars" would probably need some visuals to win the attention of that non-reading visually stimulated audience.   Hopefully even though those porn questing page visitors didn't "see" anything, they at least got a laugh.  I am thinking about starting a quasi-porn site called, "WEE MOUNDS" - a wannabe porn site for those who could never get a job at Hooters, be invited to the Playboy Mansion, stand next to Dolly Pardon, or even fill a B -cup.  There are those out there who love large mountainous breasts.  There are those who get off on fat women.  There are those who get highly aroused by a woman with a big ass.  I believe then that there has to be a contingency of people who love and seek those whose chest measures somewhere just past a training bra but just under a B-cup!   On that porn site you might need to increase the page size to get a better more zoomed in view.  That is if you want to possibly to see anything at all:)

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  1. So mayhap you should post some pics for those poor seeking souls...need models? I know of some...