Have you seen the new JC Penney commercials announcing a new change coming on February 1st, 2012?  The ad shows women opening their mailboxes and screaming as tons of fliers, sale ads and coupons pour out.  It shows other women in the store looking at the signage above racks which show 25%, 30%, prices slashed and screaming in frustration.  I feel the same way!  JC Penney is unrolling a new way of doing business; not having sales, but using a bottom price constantly.  They have done away with their return stipulations policies and their exchange rules. In essence, returning the store to days of old where you said what you meant and you meant what you said:)  I hate marketing ploys.  I get sick of sale ads in the newspaper, mailers in my mailbox, stores that want to bombard my e-mail with "coupons".  Enough!!  I do not even look at them any more.  They have lost their effective marketing edge with most consumers.   Instead it paints this picture of mark-ups and then slashing as though we aren't smart enough to understand what they are doing!  It appears to be a vicious cycle which highlights the amount of profit cushion built into every last blasted thing we buy.  Now don't get me wrong, I love to look through the clearance rack in a store for that "find".  But I wouldn't need to do that if prices were more normal.  I think consumers do crave simplicity.  I think we all crave less steps for a purchase.  I mean when I'm at Kohls I need a coupon, their credit card, the combination to the safe at Bank of America and my birth certificate to receive the 30% off that day.  It wears me out.  I hate Kohls!  Penneys is going unplugged.  They are going stripped down.  They are becoming, like the trend has been for churches and restaurants, parred down with simplicity.  Simply just quality in the things that they are really about.  The church; bringing Jesus to people without hype or hoops.  Restaurants; offering cleaner choices and less of them.   Life is cyclic isn't it?  I'm sure some day the pendulum will swing back to convoluted, over-marketing and coupons once again.  But for now, it appears we might have a reprieve in the marketing and pricing of products.  The staging and selection of food in restaurants.  And, the over methodized Church.  Can I get a witness!?? 

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