I am not a foodie.  I don't live to eat.  I eat to stay alive.  Of course there are holidays and special meals throughout the year that create opportunities to eat those special high calorie, fatty, sugary dishes.  Those occasions where we eat both things not regularly eaten, and in volumes much greater than normal.  I don't live there on a regular basis.  I also do not make a living by what I cook or write about food.  It seems that the media gets a bee in their bonnet over certain stories.  That particular story rules the print and digital airwaves until the next big fetish over a person, place or thing happens.  I'm sick to death of Tim Tebow.  I'm also sick to death of Newt Gingerich, the whole Kardashian family and now Paula Dean.  I get how media works.  What drives it - PEOPLE!  I am married to a marketing director at a newspaper.  Over advertising, overkill, occurs to where publicity, which is needed from time to time to draw attention to a person, an issue, a situation, crosses the line to become ineffective.  In essence, over saturation then has the complete opposite effect - it becomes negative, or negates the purpose of it.  Paula Dean for example.  First let me say, she has beautiful hair and skin.  I haven't followed her cooking show, cookbooks, etc.  Though, I have googled a recipe from time to time and looked at a few of hers.  The buzz is that being a southern cook she has touted high fat, high calorie, really bad for you recipes all her career.  HELLO!  She is from the south - that is their native ways.  Southern cooks aren't notably known for Mediterranean cooking, or vegetarian/vegan ways of eating.  I care deeply that she has Type II diabetes.  I wouldn't want anyone to struggle with that.  I don't care that she hid it for 3 years and continued her way of cooking on her show and in her cookbooks.  She has a following of people who a) like those recipes, b) use them either in moderation or in every day life, c) probably know those aren't the most healthy recipes out there.  I don't feel that she needs to divulge her health to me.  If people are not smart enough on their own to know that deep fried butter probably ain't good for the cholesterol numbers, then I pity them!  Why do we not get on doctors and nurses, supposed promoters of health and healing, who are overweight and smoke?  I have known some in the medical field who are fat and addicted to nicotine.  Isn't that a double standard too?  I think this obsession with Paula Dean is another bit of proof that we don't and won't take personal responsibility for our own health.  We are fat and overweight because we put too much stuff and all the wrong stuff in our mouths.  We are fat and overweight because we sit on our asses too much.  We are fat and overweight and in an unhealthy state but NOT because of Paula Dean, Al Roker, or Aretha Franklin!  I am tired of seeing the Kardashian women's butts.  Tired I am of hearing and reading about Newt Gingerich's many wives.  I love God and pray too, but if I see one more story or picture of Tim Tebow I might consider becoming an agnostic.  And, mostly, I am sick of the Paula Dean Diabetesgate that is plastered everywhere! 

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  1. I'm sensing some tension...that I feel might be
    eased overnight. We'll see how you are in the morning.