"Government should do for people that which they cannot possibly do for themselves--and leave otherwise alone!" —Abraham Lincoln

I find that quote interesting.  Abraham Lincoln, a republican president, was quoted in the 2012 State of The Union Address by a democrat president.  This is not a political expose' or a divulgence of my leanings left or right, whether I follow my lineage of neutrality-the Swiss, or who I am pulling for in the early out-of-the-gaters for the next presidential election.  It is an observation about words.  Lasting ones.  Smoke-filled charlatan ones.  Powerful, rallying ones.  Words that evoke great stirrings of emotions to action.  I write, so obviously I love the tapestry of words strung together to clip, tell, tug, define, and speak out loud what would otherwise remain still and silent.  Maybe too because I will talk about elephants in the room, I love words both for their power (good and bad at times), and their ability to disarm.  I find what people say very interesting.  It is far more interesting to me than what they do.  It is far more telling.  Words open up the landscape of a person.  It gives a glimpse into their mind, their heart.  If they are spoken words they mix with the nuances of body language to tell an even greater story.  I have watched a few State of the Union addresses in my lifetime.  There have been some charismatic democrats and republicans, who, not only had great speech writers, but could deliver with emotion, with smoothness.  They could take words off a prompter and make you believe.  The power of words batted out of the park with the wind at their back.  I too though have seen both parties address the nation and bomb.  Their words were flat, lacked believability, did not evoke emotion other than in the rebuttal that followed its conclusion.  I equate my train of thought this way; if you go to church do you not want to have a great sermon?  One that evokes thought, moves emotion, and creates the desire for change or action?  YES!  That pastor can be the greatest person in all the world but his screen, his billboard is his words of a sermon.  I love the event in the Bible where the woman caught in adultery is brought to Jesus by the religious leaders, the do-gooders, the dot-the-i's and cross-the-t'ers.  Jesus' response to their accusation of condemnation for this woman was simple.  His choice of words, the way He placed them, spoke to the accusers in a show stoppin sort of way.  It was an out of the ballpark homerun!  It says He bent down to the ground in silence and wrote something.  Historically the consensus is that He began to etch in the dirt or sand the sins of those who were accusing the woman.  Bullseye!  The only words recorded in the Bible are Jesus' response to their accusations of her, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."  Zing!!  I don't want fast food words.  The type that are hollow and without substance.  I want gourmet, clean food words.  The kind that display and hold something rich and deep and yet totally satisfying.  Words that nail it to the mind, soul, the spirit as though a light was shown in a dark room.  Last night, as I watched President Obama with my wordaholic addiction, I wondered about that team of speechwriters.  They would mostly be unnamed in penning those words - in taking his thoughts, convictions and political swayings and putting them into real words (unless you googled them).  I was a bit envious.  Whether I agree with the words or the man, I am in awe of the power of the pen to speak something into being.  I don't know if I always clearly articulate my own thoughts in a powerful way through words.  But, I cannot imagine having to pen someone else's thoughts/desires/convictions and yet make it not washed or outlined with my personality style.  I tip my creative hat to those speechwriters for their craft and talent.  I also don't take words lightly.  If you know me, or read this blog, you know that I mean what I say and say what I mean.  I believe words don't end there.  They come to life when penned or spoken.   And life is all about movement.  So, move!

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