I was with my two older sisters last night.  My oldest sister, Jeanne, sat between my middle sister, Diane, and myself.  I have two beautiful sisters.  They are smart, real and quick witted.  We share things and say things that are just a natural part of living life.  Part of what we are experiencing with having raised kids, kids going to college, getting married, relationships with our husbands, our bodies, things and people who drive the crap right out of us.  There is a naturalness that just is between sisters.  It has always been there between us.  There is a two year age difference between each of us.  We grew up stair stepping experiences in life.  Though our middle sister had kids after my oldest sister and I did.  So, the process of aging is also a stair stepping experience.  We compare notes from time to time.  You know riveting and horrifically disgusting stuff like; hot flashes, chin hairs, wrinkles, our ginormous foreheads from hairlines that start near the top of our heads, middle age frumpiness, pounds we don't like, boobs that mysteriously grow in age (ok not mine on that one!).  Last night the subject came up about our mates loving our bodies.  We have distinctively different mates, we sisters look distinctively different physically, and we are at different stages of marriage and empty nesting.  My one sister was lamenting the fact that her boobs are growing (she is the one who has always had big boobs since 6th grade) and that so was her middle.  We roared laughing stating you can't have one without the other!  She said she told her husband that she wanted to lose some weight to which he replied, "Well, don't get too skinny.  I don't want that."  She came back with, "That's because you don't want my boobs to shrink!"  She said he smiled like a Cheshire cat.  Busted!  We talked about aging and what it does to your body.  Both of my sisters are married to their original mates having been married 26 and 27 years each.  I am remarried now and am at the one year mark anniversary.  I told them if they think aging with a mate that has gradually aged with them is tough, try getting remarried at 44 years of age when the youth, collagen and prime of your body is 20 years behind you!  They roared in laughter as they no doubt let their minds go to that frightening thought!!  After all those years of marriage and the newness of my one year, we all commented how we can look horrific in the morning, after exercising, etc.  It is at those moments, as well as when we are the hotties we truly are, that our mates say we are beautiful.  It does not deter them from wanting to go to magic mountain with us:)  We laughed at the absurdity and strange phenomena that is.  "Why?" one of my sisters said out loud.  "Why do they want us even when we are yucky, unshowered, sweaty and gross?".  I quipped back, "It's the Vagina Effect."  Giggles ensued!  It was truth though.  It was a partial explanation of attraction and desire in spite of the effects of age, sweat, bed head, weight gain, boobs that have grown, wrinkles and the effects of gravity.  All three of us have mates who deeply love us.  Who consistently tell us we are hot, sexy, and beautiful.  There might be some truth to "love is blind".  Which no doubt is a side-effect of The Vagina Effect. 

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