There are things in our lives that have power over us.  Things that hold us back.  Cripple us.  Stifle us.  Ceiling us.  We can identify that thing or things clearly at times.  We can know in our head reality, but crave in our heart for something else - for something more.  Sometimes those things seem insurmountable.  They might be too.  That is, if we look at them as a whole.  If we don't break it down.  Join forces.  Acknowledge the power that they hold.  Find like-minded people to encourage us, to aid us in making it different or dismantling the paralyzing force it has over us.  I watched the movie based on the book, "The Help" last night.  I found myself bawling, laughing, getting indignant and relating to living a life that isn't what you longed for.  There are so many great words in the movie that are telling of things that we all crave - affirmation, freedom to operate as us, significance, validation, empathy.  I will not spoil the storyline for you, but urge you to read the book or rent the movie.  Two quotes in the movie that literally came alive for me:

Change begins with a whisper.

Courage sometimes skips a generation.  Thanks for bringing it back to our family.

It made me think about things in my own life.  Change is hard.  Especially the kind of change that is necessary but met with conflict or pain.  I was talking with my uncle today about why we sometimes don't move forward in life.  Why we don't want to address hard issues emotionally.  It is most definitely not because we don't want things better.  I think we don't move forward in certain areas in our lives because we are met with pain.  Pain from within or from outside.  Who desires, asks for pain?  I know that I want the results of running 5 miles.  I want what that will do to my physical body.  I don't though want the pain, the discipline it takes to get me there sometimes.  I whispered softly a few years back.  It was so quiet I could barely hear it.  It took me some time to change that whisper to a war cry.  For me to confidently know that what I needed, craved and longed for was worth the pain of going through what I would go through to get it.  Change is hard too as most people around us just don't like it.  I can not like having a pain in my left calf.  But I can also get acclimated, used to the pain that it is and make it part of life.  It becomes familiar.  I settle.  I make due.  Change and courage go hand in hand.  Neither are comfortable.  Neither are easy.  Neither promise us the end result will be 100% of what we want.  What they do promise is, at the very least, things will not be as they were.  That is always the first step forward.  That is a good thing.

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  1. Full steam ahead my friend!! Seize the day.