It is Valentine's Day.  That wonderful created and promoted holiday made by Hallmark.  Not really, just capitalized on by them!  Its origin dates back to 496 AD and a Christian martyr named Valentinus and developed through the years as a time to "fancy romantic love".   If you want to do the "which came first - the chicken or the egg" train of thought, I think love came first.  In all things which are beginninged, LOVE started it all.  Go back as far as creation and God.  God's love for a world and ultimately relationships, set Creation in motion.  Placed then in all of us is the innate longing, desire to be loved - to be part of other people.  Sunday's sermon was all about that.  God's original design for us to be loved - to be part of relationships - part of a community - in connection to others.  Great sermon for the week of Valentine's Day!  I thought about the world's fascination with love.  Think of all the things made to promote it, showcase, present it.  Books written about love.  Movies made with a "love story".  TV shows created like; Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Love American Style all with themes relating to the quest and fulfillment of finding true love.  Why are we so in love with love?  It's God's design for us.  It is woven in our DNA.  I don't care who you are - the toughest ass criminal or the little cutest kid or anything in between, we want to be loved.  That is why kids whose parents abuse them still love them even though it doesn't make logical sense.  We want to be loved - we crave it.   That is why grown women stay in abusive relationships.   Mixed in with a myriad of reasons why they stay, is the hope of love.  The glimmer of it between abusive moments.  God talks about being driven by love.  That is so true.  We are hot wired for it.  It is not just romantic-passionate love that we crave.  Our quest to experience and live in love comes in all forms.  Friends.  Family.  Co-workers.  Spouses.  And God.  I think Love gives us a sense of who we are.  It supports us.  Affirms us.  I cannot define love.  It has been tried before.  For such a small word it holds an ocean in it.  I cannot comprehend the bigness of it or contain totally even a fraction of it.  I am quite sure that is because LOVE originated with God and His bigness cannot be contained or grasped fully either.  If LOVE was a piece of priceless art, I would quest to own it.  If LOVE was a world-class orchestra performance, I would buy tickets.  If LOVE was found in the blue waters of Belize, I would dive them.  And if LOVE was always there in God, like a cool glass of water, I would always want a drink.  And, it is.

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