I have no desire to go on a cruise.  It has nothing to do with fear of a shipwreck situation like what happened to the Italian cruise ship the Costa Concordia.  It also has not a lick to do with being afraid of criminal foul-play while at sea - being murdered or thrown overboard.  Both of which seem to happen at an alarming rate.  I am a sovereignty person.  If it is my time to die, it is simply my time to die no matter where I am.  It has nothing to do with motion sickness or fear of the sea.  I am though somewhat claustrophobic - an inherited trait from my grandmother and great grandfather.  Its tentacles spread a disdain in general of tight enclosed places, boundaries and limits (like a ship), confinement and too many people per square inch.  "Cruise lovers" always think they will convince me to change my mind.  That somehow their excitement and love of all things cruise vacationing will sway my innate loves and hates.  Phhhewie!   I don't try to convince them not to go on a cruise.  I also have a great abhoration to buffets and excessiveness in the area of food.  It doesn't appeal to me, grosses me out, leaves me ill and makes me somewhat disgusted in general.  For those that love buffets, more food than is logical and healthy to eat, kudos to you!  Pleasure yourself, please.  I do not want to sit one foot away from other people around a pool.  I like some privacy, some space, quietness, tranquility.  I don't care how BIG you say the ship is, there is still an average of 6,000 people aboard it.  I am a highly impatient driver when I have to be behind slow people or in a line of traffic.  Why would I want to be in a crowd that large in a confined space!  I don't care that everything is all inclusive (such a misnomer as you DID pay for it somewhere in the cost of the ticket).  I don't drink pop and only have an occasional alcoholic beverage.  So, I would be paying for drinking 6 glasses of water a day!   Never have I liked the "herd" mentality or feel.  Should I want to dine in the dining room I don't want to have to create relationships with those I am required to sit with for the duration of the trip.  I want anonymity and aloneness when vacationing otherwise I could just stay home where I know everyone!   I don't want to have to pay extra to get a room that is bigger than a walk-in closet to ensure I won't be AS claustrophobic.   When I was a kid we went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  There was a real submarine on display.  My family went on the guided tour of it.  Immediately I felt like I couldn't breathe.  Silently I had to talk myself off the ledge of confinement until we returned to freedom and space.  Just last week my husband and I were out shopping.  He loves to pull things off the rack and say, "Honey, you would look great in this!  Try it on!"  He held up a dressy black sweater.  I looked at the style, which didn't appeal to be me, but he has stretched my boundaries with style, so I obliged him.  I  looked wryly at the sleeves to this sweater which appeared as if they would wrap my arms in a sort of octopus hold.  I started to put it on but as I pulled my arms into the sleeves they were met with the feel of a blood pressure cuff.  Immediately I said, "NO!  I cannot wear this sweater.  My arms cannot move and breathe!".  He tried assuring me that was the style - it was purposed to look and feel like that.  Not on me was that ever going to work!  My grandmother, in her aging years, hated anything tight.  She would, with regularity, snip the waist bands to her pants to give herself a more loose feel.  Her dad, my great-grandfather, was much the same.  He was most comfortable in the house in a wife beater t-shirt, pants with suspenders even in the winter.  I get the needing to be unboundaried honestly.  Which means, I will NOT come sail away with you!

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