There is stuff I still haven't done.  Stuff, things and couple are words that are general.  I use those words too much I think.  Those words mean different things to each of us.  For instance, my stuff is different than yours.  Things is highly allusive and yet personal to each of us.  And couple takes on a life of its own with each person's interpretation of how many that really entails.  Needless to say, I have stuff I still haven't done.  A couple of those things will probably be lifelong projects.  There are as well things I want or need to do.  Like, hemming two pair of pants I have.  I continue to not be able to wear them unless I had a pair of 5" stiletto heels.  I also haven't painted the trim in the hallway, even though I have painted the walls.  I never painted the two closets in the living and dining room from a year and half ago when I painted those two rooms.  I also haven't painted the basement floor even though I bought the paint almost 2 years ago.  I have yet to really organize my clothes in my closet.  I haven't grouted the space underneath the dishwasher though we installed a new tile floor in the Spring of 2010.  Nor, have I sealed the back splash grout behind the counter tops.  I still haven't cut the old antennae and flag pipes to ground level since they are not used any more.  I haven't gotten through all 390 blog posts to sort through a publishing project I am working on.  I still have not totally figured out the title to the book I am currently writing.  Nor, have I ordered the manufacturers floor mats for the car we bought going on a year ago and continue to use ones that are too small.  Though I have a .com address purchased, a logo designed and owned, an LLC in place, I still don't have the website designed, content totally figured out or the site up on a business venture.  I still don't own an edger or a snow blower though I say every year I am going to buy both.  I still have a few people in my life that things are not open and resolved with.  I have not down hill skied this year either, even though I have wanted to learn for the past 4 years.  I still have not ever run over 5 miles at one time.  I still have not finished some music lyrics I started as I am missing an ingredient to do so.  I still have not found a church I can comfortably call home since leaving the pastorate 3 years ago.  I still have not hiked the grand canyon or taken up tandem bike racing.  I still cannot ice skate or even roller skate well.  I still don't have my relationship with my parents where my heart longs for it to be.  I still can't totally let loose of the feeling of abandonment from people in my life post-divorce that I thought I had a relationship with.  I still have not purchased the love seat to my living room furniture or the wood cabinet to match my dining room table.  I still have not played the piano after leaving the pastorate or led worship for the past 3 years.  I still haven't been to Vermont, New York City or Maine.  I still haven't lived in San Diego.  I still haven't found any shoes that I love more than my penny loafers.  I still haven't waxed my old Toyota Camry though the wax taunts me from the garage shelf summer after summer.  And I desperately need to fix that spot on my bookcase with wood putty.    

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