For those of you in readerland who are below 35 years of age, I am doing you a huge favor.  I am going to give you a glimpse into aging so as to prepare you for what lies ahead.  Break it into digestable chunks.   Let's say you are 25-30 years of age right now.  Think back to when you were 12.  You were different then than you are now, right?  You didn't have as broad of knowledge base, experience foundation, or a grown up body.  I am here to tell you in another twenty years you will be experiencing changes yet again.  I told a girlfriend of mine not to long ago how strange it is that we talk about kids "growing up" when we speak of the human process of age progression in them.  But, when we talk about anyone over 35 we say, "they are aging or getting old".  I decided I did not like that.  If we are all on this journey of maturation (kind of like fruit), then we are "growing" till we are ripe - which would be our point of death.  Literally that is the destination of life.  Not to be morbid but it is very true.  We are not born to live forever, but to die.  That is the goal line which then leads to whole other world.  In this process of late of "growing up",  I've had a few moments that are just old people moments.  One of which occurred last week in the middle of the night.  If you are follower of this blog, you have read many times my diarrhea tales.  It is a plague in my life that I have also gifted generously to my daughter.  Right there is another sign of this growing up that is occurring - my desire to want to speak of my colon issues openly.  I went to bed that particular night with a stomach that was not right.  I had battled diarrhea for several days and it had gotten somewhat unpredictable and instant.  Along with that delightful issue, I get an extreme drop in blood pressure when laying or sitting down and then standing up too quickly.  I've learned to just deal with it by adjusting how I get up or being near something I can hold onto for the few seconds that the room gets dim or dark.  That too makes me feel old!  Diarrhea hit at 2:30 a.m. like a switch.  I had a split second decision; forgo or chance the dizziness and bolt out of bed to the bathroom, or take my time and HOPE I made it.  I chose the first option.  With lightening speed I whipped the covers back and hit the floor at a fast pace.  I made it about 4 steps, to the end of the foot board, when the lights went out.  Oh they didn't just dim like other times for a bit, I passed out.  We have all hardwood floors in our house, and I sleep in only my underpants!  It was like a freight train hitting the bedroom floor.  I couldn't catch myself as I just went unconscious.  OH GEEZ...old people again!  As I am coming to my husband is trying to pull me off the heap I am in on the floor.  The room was still spinning like the Tilt-A-Wheel at the county fair.  I take stock momentarily.  He is wanting me to sit on the bed for a bit.  I am NEEDING the bathroom as originally intended in my Olympic sprint there to begin with.  He is worried.  I am hurting.  While in the bathroom, he kept coming to the door and saying, "Honey, are you ok?" every couple minutes.  When all was said and done, I bruised up my right elbow and messed up my neck and upper back.  As I sat in the chiropractor's office the next day I laughed at my "old people" story with him.  I also thought too that in another 20 years I might have broke something on a fall like that.  Now I understand old people's hips breaking.   That is the bad side of growing up.  The good side of it is the humor and perspective that comes with it.  I am thinking that we might need carpet or that I might need to at least sleep in clothes to pad my falls in the middle of the night. 

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