I wonder about things God does.  Like for instance, why exactly did He choose to house our minds, souls and spirits in crushable, deteriorating, finite bodies?  That interests me.  I don't think He is a wing it sort of God either.  Unlike me, who begins projects and develops them as I go along, He has a master plan.  Maybe God is more like the writers for a sitcom or a soap opera.  The storyline has to be laid out - all the twists and turns and variables that would make a story long and unending and perpetuating are plotted out.  Maybe God and I share a common thread though in using whatever it is in front of us to do the job, to get to the goal.  Sometimes I have started a project - painting, cooking, remodeling, writing, and I don't have all the tools, ingredients, or words that might make it easier to do the job.  But, I don't let that stop me from my final goal - completion.  God lets us all have free will.  He lets us choose.  In doing so He knows that will mean we will move through life sometimes without all the tools we could have to operate cleaner, more efficient, freer, with greater peace, and probably with far less pain.  Then what happens is amazing.  When we get to the end of ourselves, our choices, our way of trying to live life without the right set of tools, God comes on the scene.  The cool thing is He doesn't come arrogantly with an I told you so presence. God brings His relatively small and overly used tool bag (love and grace) to work on the project that He died to finish - US!   I've seen a few really good carpenters.  The kind of master carpenters who, because of the knowledge, experience and skill they possess, can use any tool or lack of tools and do an expert job.  I though could have the best and most expensive tools but since I don't have master carpenter skills, the result would not be meticulous or mastercrafted.  I wonder sometimes if God ever feels like I have felt with a small child who wants to do something themselves but lacks the skill to do it efficiently, quickly or even right.  I lack the patience to want to let them do it by themselves!  How much easier would it be if God just did it for us.  He obviously knows more than us.  Yet He holds back what He knows so that we can figure out what we don't know.  So we can figure out that He is the missing piece of who we are.  I wonder too about the speed of God.  I get in a hurry alot.  It seems that there are only ever 24 hours to a day.  My world is very small, and yet, I cannot get it all done some days.  God though sustains all life.  ALL LIFE!  In spite of that, God never seems frantic, stressed, overworked, or distracted by it all.  It appears God doesn't micro-manage, yet He is totally aware of everything little thing, including the number of hairs on my head.  I wonder what it is like to know You can do all things, know all things and to have created all the things that are the things to be known.  Humbly and willingly God took the form of a limited human - through Jesus' human birth on earth.  If I really love.  I mean if I really, really, really love I don't care about my posture, my standing.  I care about the other person's place.  I want to make them more.  That was what God did for us.  He wanted me to know of my value, my worth, my preciousness to Him by becoming man to connect to my limits.  I wonder about things God does alot.  It still probably is only a fraction of how much He thinks of me.  And you.

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