I ran for the first time ever in my life with music that was crystal clear.  I used my husband's Ipod Shuffle yesterday.  All my running my entire life has been in silence - just me, my mind and the open road barring one other time.  I had a walkman 30 years ago but they were just too big and bulky to run with.  I tried it once.  It was a disastrous blend of music that skipped (technology was not that great then) and my hip took a beating from it hitting me with every step. Doug charged his Shuffle for me and instructed me how to use this little gizmo that looked more like a flash drive than something that would play music.  I set the volume using the Ipod earphones that have a volume button on them, then traded them out for the one's that hook over your ears.  I perused the list of his music he had on it from his years of training for marathons.  It was power music that had a driving beat to spur you on.  It wasn't necessarily all the music I liked, but I would give it a whirl.  I clipped it to my sports bra, tucked the cords inside my shirt and took off.  Doug's music played in my ears.  I smiled through many songs that he had put on there that motivated his 26.2 mile runs at a speed of six and half minute miles.  As "Beat It" by Michael Jackson came on I endured the next 3 minutes of that song till the next one came up.  Since I didn't remember who all was on the play list, it was music roulette for me.  There were some songs that came on that I tried singing with but found that I couldn't sing at the top of my lungs and run at the same time.  The lungs just couldn't accommodate both.  There were other songs that I literally wanted to stop and dance to.  I do that a lot in my house when music is playing.  I couldn't stop and dance either.  People would most definitely think me nuts and it would defeat my purpose of being on a run.  What I did find though, was it was a nice mind occupier.  I think it would have been even an easier run had I had a mix of music that I loved on it.  It would have been a better run too if I hadn't tried to sing loudly and had not wanted to stop and dance to the music that was pulsing through me.  The distraction of music though helped a bit when I got to that part of my run when I have an ongoing dialogue with myself to push past what I feel to what I want.  It's a familiar script in my head on just about every run.  I did start laughing when the Black Eyed Peas song, "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night".  My dislike for that group and especially that song is rich and deep and known to Doug and my daughter.  I will go out to run when I finish this blog post.  I will use Doug's Shuffle again.  And, again I will see what other mix of music he has on there.  His music was very telling of the things he has experienced in his past.  I saw a common thread in the music that he picked.  No doubt I will have to put some of my music on there too.  And, I most definitely need to take the Black Eyed Peas off!  I will fight the urge again to want to sing and stop to shake my groove thing.  Doug has most definitely turned me on to many new things in my life.  Music while running is yet another one. 

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