Watching the Grammy's last night I was struck by many things.  One of which was hairstyles.  Evidentally bangs are making a HUGE comeback. I don't really find those styles very attractive on women.  It reminded me of my oldest sister's look as a kid - stick straight hair with bangs cut in a line above the eyebrows.  We called her Mrs. Beasley - reminiscent of the doll possessed by Buffy on the show "Family Affair".  That also reminded me of my own journey with hair.  My great-aunt was a beautician and she cut our hair when I was growing up.  Hair was cut back in the 60's not so much for style (ok probably not totally true, but was accurate in the Weldy household), but for practicality and ease of taking care of three little girls (we were 18 months apart).  When one of us got a hair cut, all three of us got a hair cut.  As younger kids we also had some "matching" haircuts.  I can remember our bangs being cut at the half-way point between your eyebrows and your scalp.  Probably done so mom didn't have to get our hair cut quite as often and so we wouldn't look like mop heads.  I didn't like my bangs cut that short!  I had messy hair no matter the style growing up but mostly due to me being a tomboy and never combing it unless forced to by a parent.  We also all sported the shag haircut at the same time.  One of our first day of school pictures, taken every year at the end of the drive holding our new school bags and waiting for the school bus, clearly shows our matching haircuts.  A shag cut highlighting a sandy blonde (me), a medium brown (my oldest sister Jeanne) and a dark brown head (my middle sister Diane) marks that picture!  Look out Carol Brady:)  I also sported the Dorothy Hamil (an Olympic skater who brought the style to Biblical proportions nationwide in the 1970's), a stacked short bob of sorts.  I went through phases of the Pixie cut, various en-route to growing out looks that were absolutely horrendous.  Eventually I resided at what I like to refer to as the "Marilyn Quayle"  (she was the wife of Vice President Dan Quayle in 1989-1993) look in various years of my 20's and thirties.  It was a long style, including bangs, that was just sort of non-descript and boring.  I have had my bangs long, medium and barely-able-to-be-measured short.  I have had long hair styles and the extremely very, very short pixie cuts that required a trim every two weeks to keep it looking styled and clean cut around the ears.  I highlighted my hair and dyed it in my younger years.  I used to have thicker hair than I presently do.  Age and chronic illness have lessened the quantity and thickness!  I no longer highlight or dye my hair.  It is a mixture that you would not be able to buy in a bottle - a sort of aging and darkening sandy blonde mixed with white strands.  My husband and I were talking about my hair yesterday in the car.  I asked him did he really like my dark blonde mixture woven more and more heavily with white and silver strands.  He commented that in certain lights it appears more blonde, while in other lights the white glistens.  He said he loves my hair color.  I am thankful for that as I will not dye it.  He goes so far as to tell me that I could have no hair and look great.  That is not true.  I know very few white people who look great bald.  Our ethnicity just doesn't wear it as well as others.  I look back at pictures of myself and giggle at all the doos I have had.  I don't think my best hair days were behind me!  What was I thinking at certain points?  I suppose my only comfort is that other people looked just as ridiculous as I did at the same time!  I suppose if I had to guess at what lies in my hair future it would be the older lady short hair style.  You know the one I am speaking of.... a twinge of blue and a matted down spot on the back of the head.  I wonder how that will look on me?   

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