Super Bowl XLVI was Sunday, February 5th, 2012.  Since I am not a huge football fan, and I have forgotten my correlation of regular numbers to roman numerals, I had to look up what number Super Bowl that was.  Was it X=10?  Was it L=50?  Was it V=5?  Obviously the I=1.  No, no, that couldn't be correct.  That would mean that this year's Super Bowl was number 66.  I had a hunch that Super Bowls did not start 66 years ago.  So, it had to be that XLV was a combo that when written in that order did not add up to the individual sums of those letters, but a new combination therein.  A quick Google search confirmed my suspicion.  XLV in that combo equals 45.  Oh those Romans!  You add the I, which is 1, and you get Super Bowl 46 played in Lucas Oil Arena (Can we get a better name?  I don't care if you bought the stadium, it is a stupid name!  It is Indiana not the oil region of Texas.) in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Stats would probably show that the Hallmark channel may be mostly watched by female viewers.  Men would typically say the programming and the movies are too cheesy and far too sappy for their testosterone levels.  I am not a male, but I would agree and hate the Hallmark channel as well for those same reasons.  But what I find ironic is that those same testosterone filled males will sit and watch the pre-game Super Bowl programming which begins at sunup Super Bowl Sunday and includes athlete backdrop stories which give the Hallmark channel a run for their money.  Stories of overcoming odds, tough beginnings in life, and what they ate for breakfast are interwoven with dramatic pull-at-your-heartstrings backdrop music.  Please!  Spare me the emotional drama interwoven into a sport where tackles that cause neurological damage later in life rule the field.  Has the NFL become so greedy that they create these pieces in hopes to increase revenue from the already billions they earn off a Super Bowl.  I say to men out there who don't like sissified anything, won't wear lavender, salmon and flinch when they have to hold their wives or girlfriend's purses in a store, knock it off!  If you can watch all those sappy, irrelevant and overly emotionally presented athlete backdrop stories, you aren't as manly as you think you are.  It is a sport.  A game that is, at one time in most men's lives, a childhood dream to play professionally.  Don't girl it up with Bob Costas' sweet voice telling a back story of Eli Manning and how he threw footballs in the back yard every day from the ages of 11-18.  Don't use Al Michael's voice with his now slightly weirdly colored shoe polishie hair to paint an emotional story of the sacrifice of the players to get where they are at.  They are paid millions of dollars.  They should be working and sacrificing to earn that kind of money to play a flipping game!  Don't make it bigger than life.  Don't try to make football more heart wrenching than loving your family or living through financial woes or facing an unexpected serious illness or devastating loss.   At the end of the day, it is a job for those players.  I'm sure one that they love to do.  It though is a job that is a game.  A game!  Nothing in our lives is dependent on it (ok unless you have bet a huge chunk of money and ruin yourself financially from betting! ).  No matter who wins and loses my world will go on.  Remember that Al Michaels and Bob Costas.

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