Today was a vivid example of why I am not a fan of Facebook.  This mega-billion dollar social media site is ingenious.  It has created a swell, a movement, a trend, a venue for everyone to be noticed.  I suppose it gives significance to some that may need it.  I think anything in its purest form, in its most unadulterated state is always best.  So, I say all I say about Facebook knowing there is some measure of good in it.  Though, as with many things our hands touch or we are exposed to as humans, we rub off on it.  We not only adapt things to fit us, but in doing that we also change and alter its original intention.  I had a Facebook account - a personal page.  I closed it down in the early fall.  No longer could I take the shallowness of it.  Nor could I tolerate how public your world becomes when you are electronically connected to a level of "friends", their "friends" and their "friends".  It made the world just a bit too small for me.  It also made me sad, disgusted, angry, fueled my pain of processing the loss of things in my divorce, and made me just generally shake my head far too often.  All those things happen outside of Facebook too.  Why would I want or need another stage to experience them as well!  There are two main categories of people on facebook; 1) those who post just about every time they breathe - most of which is insignificant drool which I just don't care about.  They post a great deal of gooiness, one-liners, song lyrics, links to videos, how they "feel", the weather, a run, a picture that would only really matter to close family or how great their lives are constantly.   And, 2) those that use it as a platform of sorts to tout political stances, moral convictions or spiritual-ese/do gooding or preaching.  Those people categorize and polarize everything and everyone.  I might admire their passion for the deeper things at times, but usually end up either passing over what they say or getting indignant over the attitude behind their posts.  No doubt there are other categories as well - those that don't fit into either of those groupings, but they are few and far between.  I am tired of it being a "me monster" board (to quote comedian Brian Regan).  You might be thinking that this blog is similar.  I would disagree.  If you choose to come here you come either to check it out or are a returning participant who knows what they are subjecting themselves to - a single venue - me.  I hold out irreverence, opinions, God, struggle, love, pain, silliness and humor with realism.  You choose to come and read and subject yourself to it.  You invite me.  I don't want the self-righteous posters and the always posting shallow-ites on Facebook to spoil it for all.  And they do!  Today I read a post off my husband's Facebook news feed (I have tried to pull him off Facebook for the past 6 months!).  It was written by a "friend", the loose term on Facebook for someone who you probably wouldn't go to dinner with but have to read their crap daily in an online form.  This man commented before an autopsy was done on Whitney Houston as to her reason of death.  There is no doubt a good chance that drugs may have played a role as she has struggled with substance abuse in her life.  Addiction is powerful.  That really doesn't matter though.  This post, from a Christian man, went on to say, "Hearing about Whitney Houston's death is sad...When are we going to realize that fame and fortune don't fulfill us but ruin ourselves...A lie to make us believe we are bigger than we are...I'm thinking the American Dream can be more of a nightmare...SAD."  Might have a twinge of truth in it, but such a sweeping cold statement.  He then commented on his own post (that disgusts me in and of itself) which smacked of over arrogance and a love affair with all things SELF..."For real...Brittney Spears, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson...Anytime it seems like people have it all...Their life crumbles...Fulfillment doesn't come in fame and fortune...Mine has come from accepting the price God paid for my imperfections on the cross.  Never felt more free than the day I first believed..."  I was a pastor's wife for 25 years and I exploded in rage as I read his words. Woven in my rage though was a large measure of raw heartbreak. This Facebook "friend" needs to get his own self out of his ass, head and heart.  The Bible is FULL of people who, while serving God even, had seasons-moments of extreme humanness and "imperfections".  Just to name a few; Elijah, Abraham, Adam and Eve, Cain, Tamar, Samson, King David, Solomon, Peter, John the Baptist, Paul, Nicodemus....  For this man to assume that because of the manner of her death, or her struggles in life, that she did not know God in a personal way is wrong.  We don't have to get it right all the time to be loved or accepted by God.  This 'friend' should know Jesus did not die on the cross for mere "imperfections" (whatever he thinks his are or others), but for "sin".  God's view of what sin is and what we think it is sometimes merges and other times takes a fork in the road.  We view "sin" as things - acts, choices, lifestyles which include sex outside of marriage/remarriage/homosexuality/adultery/abuse of every form/addiction to the big ones - substances, pornography, gambling, etc.  God is bigger than an "act".  We are not judged solely by an "act", but whether our heart is right when we take our last breath.  We are not judged with our battles and struggles against our humanity, but by how much we let God battle it with us.  I wanted to reach through the IPad screen and knock him off his Christian arrogant-ass pedestal.  His spirit was what causes people to NOT be able to see past us to God.  It was what enslaves people to a performance based life lie with God that keeps them from totally understanding and getting the grace God offers us daily.  IF we could have gotten it right by our own choices and things we do, Jesus would not have had to come to bridge our humanity with His grace to bring us to a God who LOVES US in the state we are in.  My facebook 'friend', even in His declaration of truth, cancelled it out by his insertion of his self-righteousness, callousness and know-it-all-spiritualness to the assumption of what God thinks of Whitney Houston and the way in which she may have died.  There are just as many examples of pastors, evangelists, Christian businessman, every day people who battle their humanity, their imperfections, their addictions, their choices and their "sin".  God's first, middle and last impression of us is NOT outward, but inward!  That goes for all.  Whitney Houston, me and that Facebook "friend".

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